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The Better Sex® 6 Step Program to Ignite your Sex Life!

With Dr. Lori Buckley, Psy.D.,CST

6 Step Webinar Program offered by the Sinclair Institute® and hosted by Dr. Lori Buckley will focus on sex as a vital part of life and the cornerstone to intimacy. A relationship can be a source of one's greatest joy and also deepest pain. A relationship often begins with passion, excitement, closeness, and friendship, but after time can turn into a relationship that is distant, angry, and passionless. Anyone can fall in love, but staying in love requires consistent effort and knowledge...lessons that most of us never learned. Dr. Buckley and Sinclair Institute® will provide you with the skills you need to have a healthy, happy and passionate relationship.

Dr. Lori Buckley

Dr. Lori Buckley is a licensed psychologist (PSY20447) and AASECT certified sex therapist with extensive training and experience in relationship and sexual issues. She is a passionate therapist, speaker, host, columnist and educator, and has helped thousands of individuals and couples improve their relationships and enhance their sex-lives.

Dr. Lori has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including "The Larry King Show" and "The Doctors." She is frequently quoted in national and international magazines, and has had an advice column for Best Life & Health Magazines.

Dr. Lori regularly conducts seminars and workshops for women, men and couples teaching ways to improve communication, increase sexual pleasure, satisfaction and love making skills. She is a member of The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), The Society of The Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS), and The International Society for The Study of Women's Sexual Health (ISSWSH).

Step 1: Great Lovers are Made Not Born®

Most of us did not grow up with accurate information about healthy sexuality, and were often given messages that taught us to feel guilty and shamed by our sexual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The first steps to a healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship is to learn that your sexual desires, thoughts and behaviors are a healthy part of being human, and that your sexual desire and satisfaction can be affected by a number of inside and outside influences. In this first webinar Dr. Buckley discusses sexual myths and teaches you how to enhance your sex life. Dr. Buckley will also be taking your questions live!

Step 2: Love and Sex, Connection and Passion

Do you love your partner? Do you love sex? Do you love having sex with your partner? Connection and passion are the ultimate goals in an intimate relationship, yet many couples struggle in one or all of these areas. During this webinar, Dr. Buckley will discuss the differences and similarities between how men and women view love and sex and loving sex. There will be exercises that will bring you an increased understanding and appreciation for your partner.

Step 3: Getting In the Mood

Are you feeling overwhelmed or unhappy in your current relationship, struggling and/or dissatisfied with your sex life? Tired and lacking energy? All of these feelings can make it very difficult to "get in the mood." Most of us long for the excitement and desire we experienced early in our relationship, but unfortunately the 'honeymoon phase' naturally wears off over time. Many couples believe there is something wrong with them, their partner or their relationship when the desire for sex feels like a distant memory. Dr. Buckley will walk you through a step by step exercise on rekindling and reigniting your desire for your partner. She will give you ideas in and out of the bedroom, as well as great products to try and videos to watch together.

Step 4: Sex Talk

Do you wish your partner knew exactly how you want to be touched? Do you wish you knew the way to ignite your partner's passion? Talking about sex, talking during sex, and sexy talking will take your sex life to new levels of ecstacy, and will create more intimacy in your relationship. Yet, when it comes to sex talk many people feel uncomfortable, and therefore don't do it. In this segment Dr. Buckley will tell you how to communicate with your partner about your desires and incorporate sex talk into your relationship.

Step 5: The Journey is the Adventure

Eroticism is like gasoline for your sex life. It can keep your motors revved. Many couples sex life starts out strong then slowly becomes a less exciting routine. The common belief is that with long-term relationships comes less exciting and less frequent sex. Yet, it is possible to bring your relationship to new heights of passion and pleasure. With knowledge, imagination, and a little effort sex can actually become better over time! In this segment Dr. Buckley will discuss how to add eroticism into your sex life.

Step 6: Keep Going...

We never reach our full sexual potential. Just like any other skill, our sexual skills and sexual pleasure can keep improving. Even Olympic athletes continue to train, and professional musicians continue to practice and learn. By now you've discovered new techniques and things about yourself and your partner. Expanding your sexual skills by incorporating what you've learned in this webinar is only the beginning. It's important to keep learning and practicing. Dr. Buckley will give you an exercise to insure continued progress and fun!

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