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Top 5 Reasons Couples Enjoy Sex Toys

PUBLISHED BY:Sinclair Institute


Wondering if there is a place for sex toys is in a healthy, monogamous relationship?
Here are the top five ways sex toys can enhance your lovemaking.


  1. Get to know yourself. A vibrator can give a woman the opportunity to explore her own body with or without her partner. The more she knows about what turns her on, the better the orgasm. Some women are comfortable with self-exploration with a partner watching, and some would prefer to play alone and have a little show-and-tell later.
  2. Get to know you partner. Sex toys give you an extra hand when you need it most. Couple a vibrator with oral sex, a wand with an intimate massage, or use a bullet for erogenous zone stimulation. Watch her reaction and see what works!
  3. Prostate exploration. The prostate is often referred to as the male g-spot because of the intense orgasm that stimulation can produce. Specially-designed sex toys are the best way to explore this new pleasure zone.
  4. Partner play. A variety of toys including cock rings, bullets, and vibrators, can be used along with vaginal intercourse. The extra stimulation can intensify the orgasm for both partners without taking the place of traditional lovemaking. Consider a toy an enhancement, not a replacement.
  5. Fantasy fulfillment. Sex toys can also allow you to explore fantasies including bondage, double penetration, and threesomes within the comfort of your own home. Start small and see where the mood takes you. When used with respect to both partners, sex toys can add depth to a healthy relationship.


Communication is essential. If your partner is reluctant, discuss the holdbacks and work through them together. If both partners are willing, however, get ready to enjoy a whole new variety of lovemaking.


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