A Lover's Guide to Self-Pleasuring

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Love Yourself, Love Your Partner!

One of the best things about today's sexual attitudes is that masturbation is no longer the "taboo" subject it once was. Far from being forbidden, masturbation can teach us more about our own bodies and our own pleasures, and can even have healthy benefits. Once you know what excites you, you can share it with your lover to help you both reach new heights of sexual pleasure. A Lovers Guide To Self-Pleasuring explodes the myths about masturbation and why it's been seen as "dirty" or "naughty." You'll also learn from sex educators about the benefits of masturbation and how it can work for you.

A Lovers Guide To Self-Pleasuring covers the usual methods of masturbation, plus new and interesting techniques you may never have thought about! You'll learn techniques for men and women, as well as mutual masturbation for couples, plus the use of various toys. 20 beautiful and uninhibited lovers demonstrate the techniques in explicit detail, offering instruction and advice while teaching you what you need to know to learn this very personal form of fulfillment.

You'll learn:
•Exciting the clitoris
•Anal stimulations
•Locating and exciting the G-spot
•How to drive a man wild with prostate stimulation
•Scrotal and perineum play
•The most effective toys for men and women
•Techniques of mutual masturbation
•Improving sexual pleasure by letting each other watch
•hone-sex fantasy play with your lover
•Using more than one toy for super-stimulation

If you or your lover has ever been hesitant about practicing masturbation, or if it's just something you've never felt comfortable talking about, you'll both benefit from this informative and exciting video!

Tambien en espanol.

Running time: 60 minutes.

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Brand: Sinclair Institute
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