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Hot, sexy, and pregnant?You bet!

In the Better Sex® Guide to Sex & Pregnancy, you'll learn how to be creative and intensify intimacy when a partner is expecting.Esteemed physicians provide useful guidelines regarding the changes occurring in a woman’s body, while a lively discussion group shares their own fascinating experiences.Equally helpful, an attractive, expecting couple explicitly performs comfortable, exciting positions for intercourse and oral sex.Also covered are precautions, marital aids, exercise, sensual massage, and marvelous techniques for getting sexually reacquainted post pregnancy.It’s about time!Feature: 55 minutes.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to embrace and explore her sex drives—the ups and the downs
  • See real couples perform Sex Positions that enable more pleasurable and comfortable sexual encounters during pregnancy
  • Erotic Massage techniques that are both stimulating and beneficial
  • How best to use Sex Toys during pregnancy
  • Explore Oral Sex with informative tips and techniques
  • Learn the physical changes to anticipate and what to expect during and after
  • Getting back to sex after the baby - our experts tell you when and how to have sex for the first time after the baby
Better Sex Crew Review

"The Better Sex Guide to Sex & Pregnancy is a fantastic DVD that is full of valuable information for anyone who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant. My wife is a medical professional and while watching, frequently commented about how accurate and detailed the information was within the video. It was nice having real doctors interviewed. We just had our first child, and holy cow ~ this video seemed to be made FOR US! If only we had watched this 9 months ago. One of the nicest details about this new video is the use of REAL people talking about REAL situations. Actors might not have worked as well with this subject matter. It was nice to hear others experiencing the same feelings that we had. The demonstrations were not only informative, but very sexy. We actually found it a turn-on to watch a real couple having real sex (rather than staged actors). We’re both pretty average-sized adults, however my wife suggested this could also be a good video for obese individuals who are looking for a way to spice up their sex lives with some creative sex positions. This Guide to Sex & Pregnancy included information about full-body massages, different sex positions, how hormones affect sex drive during different trimesters, weight gain, breast enlargement & sensitivities, oral sex for him & her, sexual myths (ie: Will I poke the baby in the head), sex toys and other great sex tips and relationship building techniques for during pregnancy as well as after. Highly Recommend. We give it 5 Hearts!"

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