Black Jack Stroker Penis Pump

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Product Description

Pump it up to a firm erection with three exquisite sensations!

This sleek, easy-grip vacuum penis pump features a 7” translucent chamber made of soft, safe silicone, the interior packed with dozens of pleasure nodules.  Pump the detachable suction bulb for a few strokes and watch yourself grow to rock-hard proportions.;

What makes this pump extra special is a handy, multi-speed controller that allows you to regulate both vertical stroking and intense vibration. Suction, stroking, vibration--this impressive erection enhancer is the master masturbator! Requires 4 C batteries.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

Product Details

Anatomy: Penis
Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Colors: Black
Control Type: Knob Control, Pump System
Features: Thrusting, Multi-speed
Gender: Male
Length: 6.5 inches
Material: ABS Thermoplastic, 100% Phthalate-Free, TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
Power Source: Replaceable Battery
Texture: Smooth
Width: 2.5 inches

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on 1/19/2015 11:18:04 PM
looks good, and has some issues
I purchased the - Black Jack Stroker Penis Pump. it looks really good and works great when you have got it together. Two are Issues with this device. 1) You definitely need lots of lubrication. when you attempt to insert the rubber inflater into the neck of the tube connection, it's like trying to force the head of 16' pythons head into an opening that is just too small for the head to fit. Once you have the head into the smaller opening and give it a Squeeze, out pops the inflater. Now just the imaging the head of the python popping out of the hole that took so long to get it in. Off you start again and by the time you are certain that it is in place. You no longer need the bloody thing because you have lost all plans, you had and thoughts of having a great time, have gone with the wind, You just farted. 2) once you have overcome the pressure problem you are once again ready to stick your dick into it. So you give the rubber inflater a second chance you press once and it stay's in place. After 2 pumps, you cannot press it again because rubber pump will not expand and stays where you left it. You think to your self "What a load of shit". However, you have your cock in the tube. You cannot increase the suction. and instead of sucking like a thirty year old lady with all teeth, It feels like a 90 year old lady with no teeth. 2) So you have you dick at half mast, and it feels like your playing snooker with a rope, because your dick is starting to cule up. So here goes nothing you think. You slide the Vibration control up then the up/down control. And WOH as the sleeve slides up and down your NOW thick dick and the Vibrations increase, You think, this is better than my last girl friend ever was and after about 30 minuets of stopping and starting in order to make the feeling last longer. You crank the two controls up full, Just then you jump up and think to your self I'm a cumming. Suddenly every thing stops, the battery pack that was on you lap or in bed, falls, guess what?, the electric wire connected to the battery pack breaks and you sigh "What the Fvck" So you have spent $42 and shipping charges and still not had a good blow job. Cure of these problems. 1) What needs to be done. Scrap the rubber inflation device and replace it with a 1/8" silicone tube connected permanently replace the rubber inflate pump with a metal pump. 2) Scrap the idea of having a battery with a 18" cable. Instead of using none rechargeable c cells, I would replace them with rechargeable C cells. and include a charger. I would still use a separate battery holder which would be square rather than thin and heavy. The cable of an heavier gauge wire, would only be six inches long and therefore would not break break if it dropped.
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on 4/27/2014 10:32:34 PM
product needs some updating
I have gone thru 2 of these. Reason is this. The bulb fits into that nub and it CONSTANTLY comes off. If there's a lube that got on there your done till you clean it. It should have tubing from there TO the pump. And good connections. Next is around the lips. You do have to push down to get a good seal and that wears thin and splits. Then comes out high speed duct tape. Now it looks like a 'junk yard' pump. And, it is somewhat erotic at first then its now a mantra...just sorta the same. Make it snake a little. Thanks for your time.
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on 6/15/2009 3:33:32 PM
When the cat's not available go to plan B
When I was away for a week my husband was experimenting with his new toy. This was his first penis pump and he had a very good experience with it. He said this will go right on top of his toy box. He found no problems. He liked the functions it has - vibrating and sucking at the same time was by far his favorite! It was a good fit for him and the little nubs added just enough to give him a very satisfying orgasm.
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on 5/21/2009 3:53:38 PM
I had a good experience with this toy
The Black Jack Stroker Penis Pump was the first penis pump I have ever tried and I loved it. This product looked impressive when I took it out of the box. I had no problem fitting into the pump with a little bit of lube. Once inside the pump, I thought it was very comfortable. The stroking action did provide a nice sensation, giving me a great orgasm.
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on 4/30/2009 4:42:38 PM
A toy for all guys
This item seemed very intriguing to me. It had a look about it that said, “Hardcore mechanical man pleaser”. The advertised actions of vibrations, pumping action and suction were awesome.
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on 4/29/2009 4:46:49 PM
I was so pumped to use this …
In regards to the vibrations, this is probably the best masturbator that I have used. The vibrations resonate well throughout the sleeve which is what eventually got me to orgasm. The nubs on the sleeves felt fantastic and the piston that the vibrating egg is attached to moves maybe a quarter to a half inch in either direction. The opening was tight. It does suck you in, which is nice because you can be completely flaccid and it will get you hard. It is my go to sex toy.
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on 4/5/2009 11:52:17 PM
I have tried a few male masturbaters before and this is one of the top ones. It has a combinaton of functions that make it a great experience. Not only is it a pump but it also has a rubber sleeve on the inside that performs a thrusting action. There is a tight rubber opening that will stretch to a perfect fit(note: lube is a must). When fully inserted and a few squeezes on the air bubble hand pump, you are ready to begin. There is a wired remote that allows you to control both the stroking action and vibration independently. You go from a low vibration and slow stroking pace, to an extreme vibration and super fast stroking action. The reason why I gave it 4 hearts instead of 5 is because due to it being a combination device, the pumping ability is limited to a certain degree unlike pumps that are a pump only. Still is a great toy and would recommend it to any man out there.
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on 3/1/2009 3:07:21 AM
I expected a Cadillac, but got a Saturn.
So, for starters, let’s say that I’ve had mostly great experiences with masturbators. When I read about the functions the Black Jack Stroker included, I was very optimistic. If I had to describe it, I’d say it is a penis pump, with a rubber sleeve inside. This rubber sleeve has a mouth shaped, extremely tight opening, and small rounded nubs inside. At the tip of the sleeve, there’s a vibrating egg on a plunger. The whole package is about twelve inches long, and has a wired controller that is about eight inches long. There is also an attachable vacuum bulb that attaches near the top of the pump, which allows you to add suction. The insertable part of the sleeve is only about four and a half inches deep. Any deeper, and the tip of the penis is touching the vibrating egg. Now that the physical description of the hardware is out of the way, it’s on to the performance. With a ton of lube, and some elbow grease, I was inside the tube. I attached the vacuum bulb, gave it a couple of squeezes. It felt great for a few moments, then the rubber lining that seals around opening of the tube started to pull into the tube. At that point I decided that it was best if I didn’t squeeze it very much. I turned the vibration on, and it did feel nice. It is a multi-speed egg, and that allows you to tune it to your liking. I wondered how the “stroking” would play out. I use the term “stroking” loosely. What this device does is it pulls the internal sleeve rhythmically, and tries to pull it across your penis. The whole process gives some pleasant sensations, but it’s not what I had hoped for. For the most part, the plunger with the egg attached to the end moves the tip of the sleeve up and down. It would possibly have felt better if I wasn’t as well endowed. It mostly just repeatedly whacked the tip of my penis with a vibrating egg. At moments it felt good, but at no point in time did I feel like I was getting any nearer to climax. I also can’t describe enough how LOUD this device is. There is the hum of vibration coupled with the revolving stroking motor. Be warned that if you plan to purchase and use this masturbator in secret, with other people within earshot of where you’ll use it, they’ll hear it. I live in an apartment, and I’m amazed that nobody banged on my wall while I was using it. The Black Jack Stroker does feel good, but my hand, my wife, and other masturbators I have, feel much better. I thought it was going to be the most versatile masturbator I’ve ever used. Unfortunately for me, it was a case of too many bells and whistles. Packing so many features into one package usually means that there is no one feature that stands out. This gadget is no exception. For me, it was a whole lot of “a little bit more would have done it.” I guess my expectations were just too high. I hoped that each feature would be top notch, but each came in as mediocre at best. I wish I could say more positives, but as it sits, I was disappointed. Perhaps if I had an average sized penis, it would have been a better fit, both figuratively and literally. I recommend this to anyone who both has an average or smaller penis, and feels adventurous.
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on 2/28/2009 8:15:52 PM
Wasn't for me
This is the first time ive ever used a penis pump and after using it a couple of times, ive decided they just arent for me, or at least this one wasnt. If you are into penis pumps, this one is probably a really good one. Theres a great vibrator function that totally works and does the job. You can control how intense the vibrations are, and i always ended up cranking it as high as it goes by the end of everything. There is also a vertical stroking action that you can control, but for me it didnt do anything. it doesnt feel like you are getting a blowjob by any stretch of the imagination. you can control how fast it goes on the same control that controls the vibrations, so that is very handy. The shaft of the silicone tube is textured for your pleasure, and i cant complain about that. There is great suction on this pump and the quick release valve is very convenient and works great. you have to be careful not to over pump the suction. out of all the products ive used from bettersex, this is one of the hardest ive found to clean, but maybe youll find a better way to clean it. overall, you may find this product amazing. i gave it the rating i did because i just couldnt really get into it, thats why everyone is different. but this penis pump did do its job, so no complaints there. Hope you enjoy this product
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on 9/23/2008 3:03:51 PM
You will be awinner with this B lack Jack stroker!
This is the only toy my husband will play with! I have purchased him several in the past and he never plays with them. I catch him playing with this one more than i thought i would. He loves the stroking/ vibreating sensations and the simplicity of the controls. It is easy to claen up and has nubs inside the sleeve for added stimulation. You definately want to use some lube with it.
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