Balldo Set

Balldo Set

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Use Your Balls For Penetration!

A new era in sex has arrived. Introducing the Balldo, the world’s first ball dildo. It allows your nuggets to gently rub the inside of your partner, triggering a sensational ballgasm!

• World’s first ball dildo

• Allows you to penetrate your partner with your balls

• Super stretchy upper ring opens out to put on your balls like underwear

• Patented inner core keeps the side legs firm for thrusting

• Allows upper ring to stretch wide open for ease of putting on

• Spacer rings are pulled over the Balldo to turn your balls into a second cock 

• Designed to fit all sizes of balls

• Rings have a 1.25” inner diameter

• Outer cage measures 4”

• Tapered tip for easy insertion

• Waterproof

• Compatible with water-based lubes

Did you know your balls contain a large and densely packed amount of nerve endings in a small area? That’s why they’re so sensitive. Now you can turn that sensitivity into pleasure with the world’s first ball dildo.

The Balldo allows you to penetrate your partner…with your balls. 

The Balldo’s soft and stretchy outer cage and stiff inner core keep your balls perfectly encapsulated so you can thrust away.

The patented inner core also allows you to thrust without squashing your nads, so you can both experience new realms of pleasure.

The stretchy spacer rings help make your balls rigid and long enough for penetration.

It’s like having a second penis that never goes soft.

The Balldo Set is compatible with water-based sex lubes. To clean wash with mild soap and warm water or use sex toy cleaner. Allow to dry thoroughly after cleaning and be sure to store away from your other sex toys. 

Gray, Purple
4 inches