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BetterSex Essentials® Liquid Lubricant
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BetterSex Essentials® Liquid Lubricant

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$5.95 - $24.95
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Our long-lasting BetterSex Essentials® Liquid Lube

  • water-based, use with all your sex toys, even your expensive silicone toys
  • Use it with condoms for a smooth glide inside.
  • colorless and non-staining
  • manufactured in the US
  • Available in 16oz, 8oz and 2oz sizes

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Polylene Glycol, Hydroxyethycellos, Sodium Benzoate,Diazolidinyl Urea, Acesulfame Potassium and Citric Acid

BetterSex Essentials
Travel Size, Water-based
Fluid Volume:
2 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz
Male, Female
16 OUNCES, 8 OUNCES, 2 ounces
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joe v
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
personal lubricant Submitted 2/16/2016
we have used this lubricant for many years, it is great and provides a nice sexual feeling for both . also not a lot is needed and it revitalize with water also ..It can be used for front and back places very easy and also makes entry easy also
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Private Professionals
Silky Smooth Sex Lube Submitted 6/7/2007
Unlike most drug store lubricants, the Better Sex Liquid Lube felt so smooth and silky, and with added friction it didn’t become sticky and messy. It was a very natural feeling and greatly enhanced our sexual encounters. We also found that it only required one application and lasted for the length of our enjoyment.
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Slip slidin' away, worry free! Submitted 6/29/2007
This is great stuff. Because it's water based you can expect to have to re-apply during extra long sessions but for the most part, it's the slipperyest (if that's a word) lubricant you'll find. And because it's water based, you can use it with any toys and any types of condoms you want. It's just a nice bonus that when you get a few drops on your sheets, like always happens, they wash right out. No oil stains to damage your bedding. Super product. Definately worth a try.
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Great Stuff Submitted 6/11/2007
This sex lube is great. No need to reapply often at all. Works great with or without your partner.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Great Lube Submitted 12/18/2016
We used this and went through a bottle in no time. It's the best lube we've used in 24 years of marriage and isn't sticky!!!
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Great lube! Submitted 6/9/2007
I've tried other sex lubes that were sticky and/or messy, but would have to say this is the best! Glides on and is very long lasting. Giving this one 5 stars!
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His & Hers
Slippery Slap and Tickle! Submitted 9/18/2007
The Better Sex essentials Liquid Lubricant is a wonderful product. My wife can get extremely wet during sex, but a little extra lubricant never hurts, especially for those marathon sex nights. The first night we used it, I used WAY too much cause I wasn’t sure just how “luby” this lubricant was. Well let’s just say it is quite “luby”! We slid all through sex. The old adage is true with this product that “A little dab will do ya”, it’ll do ya alright! Five or so drops would probably do for most people, and it’s an 8FL OZ. bottle, so it should last you and your partner for many nights, or days, of romantic fun! However, having said all of that I do have one complaint, as with other lubricant’s we have tried, I don’t like the smell of it. That’s probably not a big deal to 90% of the people who use it, and it didn’t prevent me from using it, but it is something I didn’t like. All in all though it is a great product!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
slick Submitted 3/28/2016
used it with the power stroker..... OMG
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Really Wet Stuff Submitted 4/2/2016
Awesome lube! No complaints!!!
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Ms. Ford
The good lube Submitted 6/19/2007
This was a wonderful lube. It is not as messy as the Gel based, and lasted a long time.
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