BetterSex Misting Toy Sanitizer

BetterSex Misting Toy Sanitizer

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Much Better Than Just Soap And Water

A clean sex toy is a happy sex toy and an even happier toy user! Get your sex toys completely clean with this antibacterial, easy-to-use BetterSex Essentials® Toy Cleaner. It makes for a safe, hygienic toy experience every time.

    • Prolongs the life and safe for all sex toys
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Non-irritating
    • Use on any sex toy materials
    • 4 oz. spray bottle

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil

BetterSex Essentials
Antibacterial, Non-alcohol, Spray Bottle, Water-based
Fluid Volume:
4 oz
Male, Female
4 ounce
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Private Professionals
Nurse Recommended Submitted 8/9/2007
What a great cleaner! The spray is easy to use as you are holding your toy in one hand and the spray in the other. There is no chemical smell, but you know it is working as the lube and other things on the toy easily wipe off. As a nurse I know how important it is to clean your adult toys and prevent transmission of bacteria. This antibacterial cleaner defiantly does the job.
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Love it Submitted 12/13/2007
It works great i like that its a spray. Quick and easy gets the job done
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Happy Camper
Cleaning is a Breeze Submitted 2/26/2008
Spray and dry, what more could you ask for? This is by far the easiest cleaning I have ever done. After all that fun and pleasure you've just had, the last thing on your mind is to think about the chore of cleaning.
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works really well Submitted 7/28/2007
It came in a spray form which I like much better. It really cleans up "messy" toys from lubes n' such. I usually rinse the toys first then sanitize them with the toy cleaner which also seems to get any left over residues off. once they dry -they are like new again. This will help my toys last longer.
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Stuart & Shelley
No more sticky toys! Submitted 9/3/2007
We generally try to cover our toys with unlubricated condoms and apply our favorite lubricant (silicone!) to the condom for easy cleanup. However, some toys (e.g., the Aneros or the Lucid Dream No. 14) have shapes that make covering them with a condom impractical. As a result, they quickly become covered in a silicone sheen that is hard to clean with just soap and water. This Toy Cleaner offers a convenient solution. Just spray the toy, wipe with a paper towel, and the silicone residue disappears as if by magic. This Toy Cleaner contains triclosan, a common anti-bacterial agent, to quickly kill bacteria. We rinse the toys with water after drying to prevent anything irritating from potentially clinging to them, but this is probably not necessary. The cleaner does not seem to adversely affect rubber, silicone, PVC and the “mystery material” that some of our toys are made out of.
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Better Sex Essentials Toy Cleaner Review Submitted 10/18/2007
I used to just use soap and water to clean my sex toys but it was never too affective and I had been wanting to try sex toy cleaner. I found this to be a great product. All I needed to use was just a dab and it came completely clean. It got rid of any germs and even smelled clean. You get a very generous amount of product and it's simple to use. It cleans effectively, has no smell and a it's really good value for your money as well. I use this before and after using my toys to make sure that they're really clean and bacteria free. You get a very generous amount of product in one bottle. It is much cheaper than other one time use products such as wipes. Overall I'd say it's a great product.
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Lovers from Texas
So much easier that soap and water! Submitted 11/29/2007
We wish we had bought this a long time ago. We pulled out our treasure chest and spent the better part of twenty minutes cleaner all of out toys. The bottle is only four ounces so we will need to get more soon. All of our toys look and smell like new. It is kinda like that new car smell when your car is really clean insde. Of course these go inside you. If you own 1 toy or 100, this is a must have.
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Maui Lovers
Play Safe! Submitted 6/30/2008
We love using this toy cleaner because clean-up is so quick and easy with it. The pump spray is convenient and although it is anti-bacterial, there is no antiseptic odor. This is another quality product from the Better Sex Essentials™ line and a perfect size to carry with your toys wherever you go. And you should never leave home without it!
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Mrs. Adventurous
Easiest way to clean toys Submitted 9/8/2008
I like the way it comes in a spray bottle. Nice and easy to use. We use it before and after each use of the toys and cock rings. Will buy it again, once the bottle I have now runs out.
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Must Have Submitted 9/12/2008
If you do not have toy cleaner get some! It is very important to spray your toys before and after you use them. Yes warm water and soap is necessary to get off all the "stuff" but expecially with jelly toys there can be hairline cracks and chips that the soapy water can not get to. Even if you have your toys locked up dust and dirt can settle from the air onto your toys and that is why they need a quick spritz before-hand.
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