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BetterSex Video Series®: Sexplorations

BetterSex Video Series®: Sexplorations

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Backordered - Ships 09/22
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The BetterSex® Video Series - Say Yes to the Best Sex of Your Life!

The BetterSex® Series is the world's leading sexual health video series and has helped over 5 million couples break through sexual barriers that so many experience. Watch as twelve real-life couples and some of the world's leading sex experts take you on an erotic journey to enhanced intimacy and earth-shattering orgasms.

• Learn about open communication and overcome sexual inhibitions
• Learn how to introduce sex toys to add real fun and excitement your play time
• Watch highly explicit demonstrations of real couples overcome their inhibitions

The BetterSex® videos are made to guide, suggest, and absolutely arouse. Watching it together gets couples talking about and trying those things they've always wanted to but were perhaps not sure how to discuss it with their partner.

The BetterSex Video Series® Sexplorations includes:

Vol. 1: Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions

• Kama Sutra sex positions
• Exploring the G-Spot
• Erotic massage
• Advanced oral sex techniques
• Running Time: Approx. 80 minutes

Vol. 2: Adult Sex Education about 22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn-ons

• The art of seduction
• Sexual power plays
• Uninhibited sexual fantasies
• Mutual masturbation techniques
• Running Time: Approx. 87 minutes

Vol. 3: Adult Sex Education about Erotic Sex Play & Beyond

• Role Playing
• Anal sex - no longer a sexual taboo
• Sex toys to tease & please
• Quickies for intense satisfaction
• Running Time: Approx. 65 minutes

Journeys: Sexplorations for Lovers Music CD

• Intimate background music
• Smooth jazz
• World music
• Tranquility

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Genre :
Instructional, Couples
Running Time:
120 minutes
Sinclair Institute
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84 of 87 people found this review helpful
Saved Marriage
On 8/8/2006 11:14:32 AM
How do you know when you are desperate to save your marriage? When you start trolling the web looking for answers. This happened to me and I stumbled on this web site. I thought about our marriage and realized that my sex life was lousy and had been so for a number of years. Having sex after twenty years of marriage, two boys, and several moves and with our two jobs was boring. Sex didn’t seem important and it wasn’t much fun. I assumed that my wife was happy with our sex life because we never talked about it. I purchased these videos, some lube and a toy (the blue one with two vibrating egg shaped things). I watched the videos first and liked them. I liked the experts talking about specific problems and issues and learning by watching (instead of reading) works best for me at this age (past 40). The next step was to watch the videos with my wife and then talk about our sex life, a subject that we had a hard time discussing. I selected specific chapters from the DVD (buy the dvd because this selection feature helps) and we watched two of the four I selected before having better sex than we had in years. My wife was hesitant at first, but she stopped me from fast forwarding at one point. The real pay off for me was the conversation after we made love. I learned that my wife was no more satisfied with our sex life than I was and that she was feeling lost too. While it was hard to hear, it was better to know. We’ve watched the videos a little bit at a time over several weeks and then I thought about the toy I bought and finally admitted that the videos weren’t the only thing I purchased. This really made my wife curious and excited. The blue thing with the vibrating egg-like things (one above and one below my penis) really turned her on. We found just the spot for the vibrating egg thing and my wife had a huge orgasm while we made love (never has happened before in 20 years). Now I look forward to our next session and my wife is more involved and happy than I can remember. I think that it doesn’t take much to find your passion again, but it does take something. For us, these videos and this toy put a new spark in our marriage. We renewed our vows last month and the second honeymoon was better than the first. Thanks. – Hank
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72 of 80 people found this review helpful
Boyfriend's Back
On 8/8/2006 12:00:00 AM
I needed to find a way to get my boyfriend to know what to do sexually, but I didn't want to hurt his ego. I love him and we may get married, but our sex life wasn't much fun for me anyway. I remembered seeing an ad for the Better Sex Videos in Cosmo or Health or something and I asked my boyfriend to buy the videos. I had them shipped to his house knowing he couldn't resist taking a look. This worked really well because he felt like he was buying them for me but when his curiosity got the best of him he watched them. He found my clit easily for the first time last night and he seemed to realize that I have needs too, so my reward has come - little pun there. Now I don't have to masturbate after my boyfriend finishes to have an orgasm and we are closer as a result. What more can you ask from some videos you saw in Cosmo?
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42 of 47 people found this review helpful
Excellent learning experience
On 8/18/2006 3:36:34 PM
These films allowed me to learn without it being the old porn stuff. It is in no way embarassing to even watch it with your partner or a friend. I highly recommend it for couples, even if they think their sex life is fine, I thought mine was ok until I saw this, there is so much to learn and experience.
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36 of 42 people found this review helpful
On 10/29/2006 1:34:48 PM
After having been married for 4 years, things were getting pretty boring. After an online search I came across this site and my wife and I decided to get this series. We could hardly watch it without getting intimate. It took us a whole weekend to get through it and boy was it great. This is a must have and a must watch!
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34 of 34 people found this review helpful
Compulsory Viewing
Mr & Mrs Wilson On 5/20/2007 9:09:16 PM
This 3 DVD pack is compulsory viewing for all couples, providing something for everyone. If you are looking to improve your sexual relationship and lovemaking skills then this 3 DVD pack of new age adult sex education videos is an absolute must for your DVD collection. The first DVD, focuses on the male and female sexual anatomy, orgasm, foreplay, oral sex, erotic talk, erotic massage and sexual positions. The second DVD, looks at the art of seduction (something you tend to neglect the longer your in a relationship), erotic dance, masturbation, anal play, fantasy, sex outside the bedroom and S&M. The third DVD, covers topics like sensual touch, quickies, sex toys, anal sex, and pornography. It is great to see the Sinclair Intimacy Institute using real people having real sex. Well done to all at the Sinclair Institute. Lastly, to all the individuals and couples out there looking to improve their sexual knowledge, attitudes and practice this new age adult sex eduction video is for you. You won't be disappointed.
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31 of 34 people found this review helpful
Used to be bored.....
On 8/19/2006 12:47:37 PM
I bought these and a few other movies and I liked that they weren't just nasty porn movies and that they helped me and my fiance understand what other things were out there. He's more into sex than I am and it makes me feel bad that I don't want it as much as he does. But these movies helped alot, and it was nice to see people demonstrating... I don't think we've made it through any of these movies without jumping on each other. We're not even married yet so I wanted to make sure our sex life never got boring. I have a 3 year old from a previous marriage and I'm pregnant with my second, I would love to see some movies on quickies that keep us satisfied, because I am always tired so I'm sure that doesn't help any sex life. :) but I love these movies and I'm buying more :)
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Helpful Resource
Mr. & Mrs. Love in TX On 12/21/2006 5:16:17 PM
Watching these videos together with my wife is an excellent time for sex communication. This has helped us a lot and we are open now to new ideas as well as to try new positions. These videos also gave us the opportunity to share and communicate our sexual fantasies. I think every couple needs to have this collection. Sometimes we men use to think that we know everything about sex, but that's not true...There's always something new to learn.
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22 of 25 people found this review helpful
Actualy made my wife interested in watching !
On 12/23/2007 3:53:45 PM
My wife and I have been married 2 years and together for 6. Since the birth of out first child our sex life has been little is at all. Believe me, I was down to almost once a month. So I've been looking online here and there on ways to help her get back into the mood. I ran into the Better Sex series, and I ordered it. The first night that we had the DVD's my wife ACTUALY watched them with me. I didn't believe it ! Were planning on ordering additional toys and vibrators as used in the series and I'll write again once we've tried them out !
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19 of 21 people found this review helpful
BetterSex Video Series®: Sexplorations
Anonymous On 3/7/2015 10:56:35 AM
very good
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18 of 20 people found this review helpful
Volume 1 Sexplorations
On 5/3/2007 10:22:20 AM
We only purchased Volume 1 and we love this adult sex education video. We have been married 25 years and think The Better Sex Video Series Volume 1 would make an excellent wedding gift for all newlyweds. The modeling of open and explicit discussions opened up the communications for us.
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