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Bottoms Up™ Finger Rimmer

Bottoms Up™ Finger Rimmer

Item #4984
Backordered - Ships 04/13
Backordered - Ships 04/13
9 reviews

Bottoms Up! For Anal Fun!

How can something so tiny produce such big orgasms? Find out for yourself when you slip on and slip in the Bottoms Up Finger Rimmer! It's perfect for the beginner, too -- very flexible and comfortable. Just attach it to your finger and slide the rimmer in -- for a super-slick ride, just dab on your favorite lube. The 2" insertable length and the 0.75" width feels great on your backdoor "hot spot." And for even more sensation, slide your favorite vibrating bullet through the finger grip!

• Latex-free, clear color
• Perfect for anal beginners
• 2" long, 0.75" at widest point

The Bottoms Up Finger Rimmer is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Control Type:
Push Button
Disguised, Travel Size
Waterproof, Flexible, Latex-free
Male, Female
2 inches
100% Phthalate-Free
Power Source:
Replaceable Battery
0.75 inches
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(9 Reviews)
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Great opening act.... Submitted 5/17/2009
Catch my drift? Hehe! This little toy is awesome! Whether you are a novice or an expert, this cool toy is a great warm-up. It will leave you wanting more... This toy allows me to penetrate her more when I am reaching around and she prefers it now because it is much smoother than a finger and it has a nice shape. It often leads to the use of our larger plug, which is a plus :) The only reason I did not score it a 5 is because the ring where your finger goes gets slippery when using lube. You have to put it on before your finger gets lube on it otherwise it sometimes moves around. Other than that, it is a a great opening act... :)
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Mr. and Mrs. Southern Comfort
A great little helper to heighten her pleasure. Submitted 2/3/2010
The Bottom’s Up Finger Rimmer is a great little toy for beginners and more experienced players alike. It is the perfect little helper when you want to slip something in but don’t really want that something to be your finger. Its small size is just enough to say hello but not so much to be a distraction. We find it particularly useful when practicing vaginal massage (Yoni massage). The act of “holding the mysteries of the universe in your hand” is greatly aided by this little toy. The idea is to insert two fingers into the vagina, one into the anus and to position your thumb on the clitoris. With the Finger Rimmer, you don’t have to worry about contorting your hand or worrying about where your pinky has been. Simply slip it on the tip of your finger and it hygienically and comfortably serves as your pinky. It’s easy to clean and phthalate-free too! This is a fun and useful toy and a real bargain.
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The Joneses
We prefer the real thing Submitted 6/8/2009
I was pretty pumped to try this toy. I thought she would like it because it’s smaller than my finger and it’s easy to use, plus she enjoys anal stimulation during oral sex and intercourse. Unfortunately the Finger Rimmer, was not able to sway her opinion about anal toys. She still prefers me over a toy. She didn’t like the point on the tip, which I thought she would have liked because it made for a gradual insertion. I gave it the old college try and it did nothing for me, then again I’m used to larger toys for prostate stimulation so I’m a bad candidate to be a tester. For the price I recommend trying it. If she is afraid to try an anal toy because she doesn’t want to pay big money for a toy and then not like it, your only out the cost of a Latte for a night of experimentation! ~The Joneses
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Willow Wand
Great Beginning to Anal Bliss! Submitted 11/24/2011
I am loving this tiny anal tool! It is a little bit longer than 2' and made of TPR, which means that it can not be boiled for sterilization, but you can use regular toy cleaner or simple soap and water. It is not recommended for use with silicone based lubricants, but water-based would be fine. This is the PERFECT starter anal toy! I have this fantasy of penetrating my husband anally with a strap-on, and some day I will! I needed a way to get him used to anal play, and I just am skeeved out by actually using my finger, so when I found this, I jumped on the chance to get him used to to anal bliss. Make sure that you put it on your finger before adding lube, because if lube gets under the ring, it makes it very slippery during use. I've ordered the Small Iridescent Butt Plug for the next step up, and am really excited to eventually be able to make my fantasy come true.
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Good Starter Submitted 3/26/2014
Quite small, however perfect for a warm-up or introduction to anal play. We quickly moved on to other larger toys but still have used this to get things going in the right direction.
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Ass lover
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Just the right size! Submitted 1/19/2016
For the wife that's not interested in a thick cock in her ass, this allows us to play all the way. I'm hoping we can work towards the End result...
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wild child
surprise Submitted 1/14/2013
a little small but for first time felt big, or so i was told.
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Fun Submitted 6/28/2014
Good way to start the night.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
, my best O's evr Submitted 8/26/2017
I like to put a bullet vibe through the finger ring. Whoa!
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