Chain Ball Tickler

Chain Ball Tickler

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Metal Balls that Tingle & Delight!

Send shivers of delight down your lover’s spine. The tickler holds 150 miniature temperature respondent metal balls on a plastic wand.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

Male, Female
Plastic, Metal
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5 stars of 5 rating
(2 Reviews)
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5 stars of 5 rating
Mr. and Mrs. Southern Comfort
5 stars of 5 rating
Superior for Sensory Play Submitted 4/28/2010
The Ball Chain Tickler is a wonderful sensory play toy. It has six strands of 25 steel balls (think old fashioned pull string on a light fixture) attached to a flexible 15 inch handle. The handle is capped with rubber so you can get a good grip even with lubed up hands. The steel balls respond well to cold and to heat, which you can use to tease your partner. I had a lot of fun with Mrs. SoCo lightly bound to the bed running the Chain Ball Tickler across her nipples, down her belly and between her thighs. The weight of the balls on bare skin feels like a heavy silky ribbon being drawn across your flesh. It is really quite enjoyable. While this looks a bit like a flogger, it really wasn't designed to be used as one. It does have enough weight to it that is will thud against your partners body if allows to fall a short distance. We preferred to use this as you would a feather, but one you can heat up and cool down and one that has a delightful heft to it. The other great thing is the look of the Chain Ball Tickler. It rock'n'roll look goes much better with a leather outfit and some high heel boots than a feather ever would.
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5 stars of 5 rating
5 stars of 5 rating
A Very Delightful Sensory Toy Submitted 4/14/2012
This would have to be one of my most favorite sensory toys in my collection. It has a dual use that is just fantastic. I love that the metal can be used either heated or chilled. Either way is wonderful. When I use it I either put the chains in a bit of warm water or cold water to adjust the temperature, then run is over the face, back, etc. Using at room temperature can be good too, but I like adding the temperature element in there for extra kick. It's so relaxing and I find it great for either foreplay or post-play. I've had this for about a year and it is still holding up great.
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