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Clone A Willy Kit
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Clone A Willy Kit

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Make a Replica of your Favorite Penis!

Make an exact vibrating replica of his (or your) penis with this easy-to-use Clone A Willy Kit! This is one of our most popular sex toys, and for good reason. Couples love it, and love the naughty fun they have in the process. The result is the most personal sex toy you'll ever own.

Kit includes:

  • Complete instructions with DVD
  • Specially timed molding powder
  • Non-allergenic liquid rubber
  • Stirring stick, molding tube (11" x 2.5")
  • Vibrating unit

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Mix the specially timed molding powder with water
  • Insert erect willy into mixing tube until it solidifies (usually 60-90 seconds)
  • Pour liquid rubber into the mold; add vibrating unit (optional)
  • Wait 24 hours and remove your clone!

The Clone A Willy Kit lets you have your favorite penis constantly ready when you are even during those times when he's away. And it's perfect for those "double penetration" fantasies. Your finished cloned willy is easy to clean, too. Just wash in warm, soapy water, rinse and pat dry. For even easier cleanup, try using a condom when you use your Clone A Willy dildo.

Empire Labs
Control Type:
Knob Control
Disguised, Travel Size
Waterproof, Flexible
11 inches
Rubber, Latex-free
Power Source:
Replaceable Battery
2.5 inches
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Supporting Marine Wife Submitted 1/5/2006
I too was amazed at how neat this was that I could have my hubby's WILLY replicated. Now when he is deployed, I can still have amazing sex with him!
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Limited size Submitted 4/16/2005
Company say's will clone a penis up to 11 inches. That's true if it is no more than 1.25" diameter. The liquid rubber supplied is approx. 220ml. If your diameter is 1.5" then you can only fill 7.6" in length. A 2" diameter will only be filled 4.25". Measure and do the math to make sure it will work for you!
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Buy extra molding powder. Submitted 9/3/2015
Good product just a real pain to do even as a couple. You have to mix and keep an erection harder then it sounds. Cock rings help keep the erection but you need to be hard and in the mold mix before 2 minutes is up or the mold is no good.
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Perfect to make for Military Wife Submitted 10/7/2005
This thing is so awesome. I made it for my wife and she's uses it all the time. It is really detailed. The vibrations are outstanding and really beats manufactured ones that aren't as close to the guy that you want to have sex with. A GREAT BUY!
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She owns my penis Submitted 4/7/2007
I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend but the rewards to me were even better. Giving her the opportunity to experiment with my likeness on her own taught her new techniques for using my penis. She’s now as familiar with it as I am and knows just what it takes to set her off best. Plus, I think she’s less intimidated by it and is now just as quick to pull it out of my pants as she is out of the drawer. Next, we’re going to make another one for her to use on me.
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Was fun to make!! Submitted 5/3/2008
This "Willy Maker" was fun to make together. It does take some time to do and some patience from both people involved. You must have all the materials at your disposial before you start in order for the process to work flawlessly. You have to be careful or it can get a little messy. We would suggest doing it in a bathtub or over something that can be cleaned up easily (papers on the floor maybe). just DON'T to it over a carpet, it will make a mess. You can make this a great time together and your partner can help you with keeping your erection however they want too. :) In the end, this will bring the two of you closer together, even when the other one is not around!!!
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Timing the shaft entry Submitted 10/28/2007
We had fun with this product and it does make a nice replica of the "man" once completed. Observations are: do not insert your penis before the liquid is ready to gell. We had to order another one cause the first one didn't take. Once you stick your manhood in this tube your Johnson WILL shrink leaving you with a smaller replica than she is used to so wait until it has semi gelled before you drill the hole in the silly putty! Also make sure you do not let the mixture overflow when you stick it in the tube as it will overflow onto the carpet and leave a mark! This product needs a thicker tube.
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Partners In Crime
All Show No Go Submitted 3/9/2009
My husband bought this as a surprise for me to have a vibrator of his penis. Easy to figure out how to make the mold, and he found it easy to do but definitely a little messy so make sure that you are doing it somewhere that is easy to clean up (we did it over a carpet and it was very hard to clean up the liquid rubber). It is VERY, VERY realistic & looks identical to his penis. The only downfall is it has a strong rubber odor & taste, even after washing, and although it is comfortable, the smell of it makes it not very appealing to use so it was more of a fun "craft" rather than a real vibrator, although the vibrators are strong so if you can get over the smell, it feels great and works awesome. I give it 3 out of 5 stars, and would recommend it.
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Great idea! Submitted 1/27/2006
This was my Xmas present from my wife. We just ordered and made our second Clone-A-Willy Kit. It's just incredible how easy it is to make, and we haven't had this much fun since we first started dating. Whoever invinted this is a genius.
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Move fast! Submitted 3/13/2005
You absolutely must heed the time limits listed in the instructions and use a timer! The molding powder will set-up almost instantly and without warning -- this can happen before you realize it. Our experience with the kit was ruined when the molding mix poured into the tube just fine but solidified within seconds. We still think that it is a very cool idea and want to try again if we can get a replacement bag of molding powder...
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