Doggie Handler Sex Strap

Doggie Handler Sex Strap

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Only 7 in Stock!
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Doggie-Style Sex Just Got More Comfortable

Do you love it doggie-style? Of course you do! And now doggie sex is even better sex with the Doggie Handler Sex Strap, a terrific sex toy that makes doggie sex effortlessly easier.

• Simple to use
• Increases thrusting power
• Enables deeper penetration
• Provides more pleasure

The Doggie Handler Sex Strap is a softly padded cummerbund style strap with adjustable handles. The strap goes under the woman's hips while the man holds up the straps, to enable the couple to hold the optimum position for G-spot stimulation in the doggie position. And he can either kneel or stand using the Sex Strap.

You can thrust deeper and harder for longer using the Doggie Handler Sex Strap, without either of you inching down or becoming exhausted trying to hold the right position. This sex toy gives you the correct position and the desired leverage for better doggie sex. You're always angled for perfect penetration. You won't believe the great orgasms you can have with the Doggie Handler Sex Strap. Because he can go deeper and thrust harder, with more maneuverability and better leverage, this sex toy makes her seem tighter and him seem larger for even greater sensations. And the Doggie Handler Sex Strap isn't just for doggie-style: it's perfect for anal adventurers, too.

Travel Size
Male, Female
14.5 inches
ABS Thermoplastic, Nylon/Velcro, Polyester
4 inches
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Definitely will use again Submitted 12/4/2012
This was the first time I have bought a product like this. I found the strap to be extremely comfortable.The strap also allowed me to get in the perfect position for my partner to penetrate deeply inside me. My partner and I will use this product again. It gave my partner a sense of control because he was able to pull himself futher into me, even if I squirmed away. I could feel my partner hitting my G spot as he was penetrating me. I also liked that I was comfortable because instead of grabbing my love handles he was grabbing the straps. This made a more enjoyable experience for both of us.
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Easy to Use and Fun Submitted 2/19/2006
It made doggie style so much easier! It allowed him to penetrate very deeply, with ease. Talk about a few orgasms.<BR> It was absolutely worth the money!
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Easy on the back Submitted 1/11/2009
The doggie position is made easy with this strap that sits aginst my hip bones. My husband adjusts the handles to the right length and pulls my waist up so that I am angled for perfect penatration. The strap is very soft and comfortable even on my bare tummy. The best part about the Doggie Handler was that I am free to stop thinking about holding myself in the right position, not hurting myself and can think about the pleasure.
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The Joneses
I prefer to grab her Submitted 3/16/2009
Personally, I prefer a more hands-on approach. With the strap I had to be careful not to hurt her because I was able to go so much deeper and harder. I was able to pick her up and move her with hardly any effort; at one point I was actually standing up. She did not notice anything different other than the depth and gained no other significant pleasure. This one is just not for use because I love to wrap my hands around her little waist, plus I went deeper than she could handle, but it does work as advertised. ~The Joneses
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Love the Doggie Handler! Submitted 4/29/2010
A must-have for doggie-style-loving couples! Unlike some other straps and slings, this strap requires absolutely no set-up, which I really like. As soon as you're ready for some doggie-style lovin', just grab the Doggie Handler Sex Strap out of your bedside table, place it under the woman's hips, and the man just holds up the straps, which are adjustable. The padded area that goes around the woman's hips is extremely comfortable. My man agrees that it is very comfortable for him to use and that he is able to hold the position longer without falling or inching down. It helps create better leverage and a stronger thrusting capability for deeper penetration. If you are a fan of doggie-style but have some difficulty maintaining the position comfortably, give this strap a try! It makes doggie-style easier, more fun, and more comfortable for him and her.
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Great for G-spot! Submitted 4/28/2010
The Doggie Handler Sex Strap is one of my favorite sex position aids. We really enjoy doggie style but often get exhausted and end up losing the desired position for G spot stimulation. The padded strap fits perfectly along my hips and he's able to use the handles to thrust as hard as he wants.
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I loved the strap!! Submitted 3/29/2008
I loved the strap!! It made things so easy for me. I like using my toys while my husband bangs me doggie style. He was able to keep me from sliding or slipping away from him, as my legs became weak. He gave it to me good! I love the strap, I tell all my girlfriends out there, if you like it doggie style, you want this!
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SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT! Submitted 12/24/2008
My wife and I tried this last night and it drove her insane. I was able to get really deep and even lifted her up. I totally recommend it for anyone who love doggie style.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
My thoughts Submitted 3/19/2017
I think its an excellent tool for having great sex positions!
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Doggie Handler Strap Submitted 7/14/2008
For us, it took some getting used to. The first time we tried this particular strap, it didn't work so well. Positioning it is key, and if you don't get it just right it can be uncomfortable for the recipient. That said though, once you get the hang of it, this strap works nicely. The price is nice too; definitely cheap enough to give it a try!
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