Double Diver Vibrating Enhancer

Double Diver Vibrating Enhancer

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3.8 stars of 5 rating
8 reviews
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Double your fun with this amazing penis ring!

The Double Diver vibrating penis ring enhancer features a flexible penetrator.

• Super soft and stretchy material for your pleasure
• Made from strong yet stretchy rubber
• Textured surface creates a stunning sensation
• Flexible to squeeze around almost any size
• Flexible dong satisfies her double penetration fantasies
• Multiple sizes to fit the fit that pleases you best
• Multi-speed vibrator adds a tantalizing effect
• Squeezes at all the right spots for bigger and longer lasting erections
• Clitoral stimulation to drive her wild

Designed to be sturdy and comfortable, this enhancer features 3-speed, wireless clitoral stimulation for her while providing erection support for him. The bendable 4" shaft gives her ultimate positioning pleasure.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

California Exotic Novelties
4 inches
100% Phthalate-Free, TPR (Thermoplastic Resin)
1.2 inches
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Customer Rating
3.8 stars of 5 rating
(8 Reviews)
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3 stars of 5 rating
Ms Diva
3 stars of 5 rating
Good concept... Submitted 12/20/2008
The concept of the Double Diver Vibrating Enhancer is good, but we wish it had delivered better for us. It just didn’t do it for us but it might for you. The cock ring is stretchy and flexible so there was no trouble with getting it on my partner. We used a bit of lube to ease it on. The three speed waterproof bullet was great & intense when it stayed turned on, we had a problem with it staying turned on. I had trouble with the button and could not figure out why during our romp on the sheets that it kept turning off. Perhaps, it was just us. Although on the lower setting it was harder to feel the vibrations through the thick bullet holder. The shaft is very bendable/ flexible and was easily inserted with the aid of some lube. All this being said it's not without some very good results as I climaxed pretty easily and relatively quickly. The noise level is very low. My guy found this Double Diver a bit awkward to wear but still enjoyed the enhancement of the erection and my pleasure. I am giving this Double Diver Enhancer three hearts. Ms Diva
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4 stars of 5 rating
4 stars of 5 rating
Good things can come in small packages....... Submitted 3/6/2009
The Double Diver is an excellent introduction for the couple looking to get started with the concept of double penetration. The idea is overall an excellent idea but it did have some faults to it(which in our opinion they didn`t kill the mood or its reason for design). The pouch that the bullet sat in was a little too thick to get to fell the full vibrations out of the bullet(which is to stimulate the clit). We found it uncomfortable for the 4" shaft to fit in the vagina with the penis(probably due to the fact that my husband has no trouble living no room for the shaft). On the other hand, we found it to be most pleasing by using it to provide some of an anal stimulation. It is also waterproof(so it is an excellent bathroom accessory). Overall, we were very pleased with the product and recommend it to any couple that is eager to DIVE into double penetration.~MR and MRS Erotic
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4 stars of 5 rating
The Joneses
4 stars of 5 rating
DP with no hands! Submitted 3/14/2009
Well, fortunately for me, she actually preferred the toy in her vagina because of the way it bends. Plus she would rather have me from behind because she does not like the texture of toys. When we used it in her butt, the toy kept popping out which was incredibly frustrating. We used the toy in the missionary position so unfortunately the vibrator was not on her clit. It’s too bad it cannot be swapped, but it still felt good for me. My pelvis made a better base for it too because it barely moves otherwise. Personally I loved it because it was a good excuse to have anal that night. She enjoyed it because she likes the feel of double penetration. Even though it didn’t work as designed, she enjoyed the feeling of being double penetrated and I got anal! ~The Joneses
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4 stars of 5 rating
Clearance & Candy
4 stars of 5 rating
Just the right size and a powerful Orgasm Submitted 12/31/2008
The Double Diver is so cool-it’s extremely flexible and bendable, yet it almost locks in place when you put it into a position. It’s a very nice size and fits so well for my small body size. The Vibe has 3 settings low is so low I could hardly feel it at all and high is really strong. What I like most about the Double Diver is the Double penetration and how great of an orgasm Clearance has every time we do a double penetration, he always has the strongest orgasm. It’s worth a try just for him. The Double Diver works well no matter which way you choose to use it just flip it around and use it whichever way you like it best. We give it a 4 star rating for its unique design, flexibility and comfort while using.
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3 stars of 5 rating
The Playful Couple
3 stars of 5 rating
The idea is sound, but it wasn't for us. Submitted 1/7/2009
Well, the Mrs. enjoys a little light anal pleasure, when the mood strikes. The small dildo is about one inch wide (as big around as a quarter). We felt that the 4” (slightly longer than an average index finger) dildo would give us exactly the mild DP experience we were looking to try. We found that, while for some it may do exactly what is desired, for us, it fell a little short. The short dildo is adjustable, allowing the users to pose the bend of the dildo to target the most sensitive spots. This is due to the “ball in socket” style joints inside the shaft. You can bend and twist it to whatever shape you desire, length permitting. When we took ours out of the packaging, we attempted to bend the shaft a little, and one of the ball-socket joints popped, and was dislocated. This didn’t make the toy unusable, but it did create a semi-flaccid, somewhat floppy frustration. Being only able to slightly bend in a couple of places, and having the middle of the shaft very flexible, it was just too bendy. Also, the ring that slides over the man’s penis is not very stretchy. This does a few things. For one, it makes it so that it has minimal risk for moving around while in use, which is a good thing. It also made it a bit difficult for me to slide it on. I’m larger than average, so I had to use a generous amount of lube just to get it on. After that bit of difficulty, we gave it a go. Upon penetration, I attempted to turn the small vibrator on, which no longer worked. I’m unsure as to the condition of the batteries, but we just turned it on for the first time a few minutes prior. I’m sure that with time we’ll try it again, and I’ll change the batteries beforehand. Once we got it in and had given up on the vibrator, I began thrusting slowly. As with many of these DP toys, the Double Diver didn’t do much thrusting. Instead, it sat inside her hole, and the ring bent with each thrust, leaving the little dildo in place. The feeling of fullness was still pleasant for her, but full functionality would have been nice. For us, once again, the size of my penis has hindered the overall appeal of yet another possibly very nice sex toy. So, the Double Diver will probably be another dust collector in our bedroom. We can see the potential, for a man with an average to smaller penis, to have an easier time pleasing his woman with the Double Diver. Unfortunately for us, it didn’t make the cut.
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5 stars of 5 rating
5 stars of 5 rating
Do it to me Baby!!!!!!!!!! Submitted 1/20/2009
My wife absolutely loves the double diver cock ring. Normally we have a hard time with finding an anal toy that does not hurt her really bad, however this toy is smaller than ones we have tried in the past and with plenty of lube she was beggin me to do it to her. She did enjoy this product more when I kept the lube close by and gave it a squirt every couple of minutes. This product is made of rubber-like material with a bendable shaft that is easily adjustable to whatever way your mate prefers. The three speed vibration not only felt good for her, but also felt good on the bottom side of my testicals. Not only did this toy intensify her orgasm, watching and feeling the double diver slide in and out of her intensified mine as well.**Submitted by Hubby** BUZZ TEAM
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3 stars of 5 rating
3 stars of 5 rating
Good Vibrations Submitted 2/5/2009
I love the vibration that this little toy can pack! Once my husband turned it on I (apparently) became completely incoherent. The vibration strength rates around an 8 to 9 and the noise level about a 3. I could have gone without the extra penetration. I found the anal toy a little uncomfortable and it definitely needs lots of lubrication and constantly adding a little bit of lube. Every time my muscles tightened up when I started getting more excited it popped out. For a cock ring this was great and the orgasm was unbelievable. We found that this works best with a "doggie style" position. It doesn't work very well when we were facing each other.
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4 stars of 5 rating
4 stars of 5 rating
Who wouldn't want Double the Pleasure ?? Submitted 3/27/2010
This little device is a great addition to those of you who want to begin exploring double penetration. The dildo size is not intimidating, and with enough lube (use plenty, please!) it inserts comfortably. We found the best position is "doggie-style", with the man inserting from the rear. The adjustable dildo can be positioned for her comfort, and you should take your time experimenting just how to get the right angle set for her comfort. The vibrating bullet is completely water-proof and quite strong. Once inserted, try to keep the penetration deep, with the bullet in contact with the woman's clitoris. The button on the bullet was a little tough to engage because of the water-proof covering, but eventually it went on and stayed on, providing some of our best "WOW" moments in the bedroom!
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