Euphoria CD

Euphoria CD

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Celebrating the timeless power in touch, music and natural sounds, Euphoria is an environmental audio sculpture ideally suited for massage and passionate moments of physical connection. Inspired by the elements of air, earth, fire and water and the harmonics that center the spirit, settle the mind, and soothe and comfort the body.

Length: 63 minutes

Male, Female
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Mac & Tessa
Relaxing sounds and music Submitted 9/23/2008
While listening to this CD, it was wonderful to sit and enjoy the music. However, if you're not in the mood to make love, this isn't going to get you there by itself, if that's your intent. Some music has a natural, move-with-it pulse, and though this didn't have it, this album breathed of calming and slowing. Using this music with a gentler lovemaking pace, taking your time, enhances your senses and introduces a sense of your one-ness with your significant other.
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Lovers from Texas
Great Background Music! Submitted 11/30/2007
These music Cds are great to play as soft background music. They really set you and your partner at ease. They also help drown out any outside noise that may be distracting and ruin the experience for either or both of you. I have all the music Cds in a CD changer so I can.set it to random, press play, and let the fun begin.
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Smooth Submitted 9/24/2008
Euphoria is nice to listen to when you want some backgound noise. Much better than listeing to your dishwasher or the tv. This CD is soft and smooth sounding for a romantic and pasionate lovemaking session.
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