Fascinator Throes

Fascinator Throes

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Make Love In Luxury And Keep Your Sheets Dry!

Indulge your wildest desires on the ultra-soft feel of microfiber...or the sensuous whisper of satin. The Fascinator Throe is a reversible cover that lets your turn your bed into a soft, luxurious playground, while its thin moisture-proof barrier between layers protects your sheets, furniture or rugs.

Enjoy the throes of passion and don't worry about the sheets, the carpet or the leather sofa! The Fascinator Throe is a double-sided throw with a thin nylon moisture barrier in the middle. It adds the perfect sensual touch to your lovemaking while keeping your bedding dry.

You'll love the touch of the Fascinator Throe. Imagine making love on a luxurious bed of warm, fluffy microfiber or on silky satin that feels so wonderful against your skin. Just choose the side of the Fascinator that pleases you the most. Use it on the bed, on the couch, or on the floor in front of the fireplace - this is the sex toy that makes any place into a luxury love nest.

And at the same time, the Throe's inner moisture-proof nylon barrier protects your bed, floor or furniture from wetness or stains. Use all the lube or massage lotion you want, and don't worry about the "wet spots." The Fascinator is a generously-sized 54" x 72" and comes in your choice of a rich merlot or sexy black.

You'll save yourself a lot of laundry, too. Instead of having to change the sheets, just toss the Fascinator Throe right into the washing machine and dryer and it comes out looking like new.

When you're in the throes of passion, you don't want to worry about the sheets, the carpet, or the leather sofa! The Fascinator Throe is a luxurious feeling reversible cover that has an ultra soft micro-fiber on one side and cool, slick polyester satin on the other, with a thin nylon moisture barrier in between. The sex toy for couples lets you forget about wet spots, spills and stains and concentrate on pleasure. This sex toy for couples is light weight, portable, waterproof and washable.

Male, Female
72 inches
Satin, Moisture-proof microfiber cover
54 inches
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Awesome Submitted 11/6/2007
My husband and I purchased our first one of these almost 2 years ago. Because I have squirting orgasms and have destroyed our feather bed and down comforter and soaked our mattress- this was godsend and the greatest addition to our bedroom. I no longer have to worry about destroying my bedding (which I love)- or my furniture- and it travels with us on vacation. It's soft and affords us easy clean up. We never play without it.
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The Pres. and Mrs. Bush
Simply Indispensible! Submitted 9/7/2008
The President and I bought a new bed and all new bedding two years ago when we moved into our new dream home and I wasn’t about to hamper our sex life worrying about ruining the bed or linens during one of our typically wet or heavily lubed romps. We saw the ‘Fascinator Throe’ described in the flyer that came with our ‘Liberator Shapes Combo’ and purchased it immediately. When it arrived I was somewhat disappointed having expected it to completely cover our bed, when in fact, it is about the size of a large beach towel. The size, however, has never been an issue and putting it to use immediately removed any disappointment. It has become an indispensible addition to our sex life. The micro-fiber side is soft and luxurious and the satin side is erotically, silky-smooth, and the nylon barrier in the middle has done its job superbly every time. We have used it on the bed many times, but have also used it on the couch, on the floor in front of the fireplace, and even once on the bathroom floor. It has proved to be very durable, very reliable, and easily washable.
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A Touch of Luxury! Submitted 5/20/2009
We absolutely love this throe! My wife has always complained about me messing up the sheets and comforter on the bed and this throe was the perfect solution. Its moisture-proof layer protects the bedding, sofa, etc. while the two outside layers add some “luxury” to the excitement. Both the microfiber and satin (my favorite!) sides are very soft and comfortable. The throe is large enough to almost cover a queen-size mattress and it comes out of the washer and dryer looking better (no fold creases) than when it came out of the package. We think this throe is certainly worth its price and would recommend it to everyone!
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Love it!!! Submitted 2/22/2009
This product works great. We didn't think it would work for us, because I have soaked through a waterproof mattress pad. This definately held up. The only draw back I can find with this product is the dry time. You have to dry on low heat, it took about three cycles to get all the way dry. So, you might want to consider getting two for those really randy days.
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