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Fleshlight Classic

Fleshlight Classic

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Turn Yourself On With The Fleshlight

The most imaginative masturbator ever, the Fleshlight combines a hard plastic outer case with a soft ultra-realistic inside sleeve for the most thrilling ride of your life.

• Designed for an amazing and realistic experience
• Tight, textured interior creates a stunning sensation
• Removable end cap for easier cleaning and customized suction
• Made from super soft SuperSkin™
• Textured exterior for a firmer grip
• Discreet appearance hides perfectly in plain sight
• Great travelling companion
• Includes sample lubricant
• Includes tip sheet

It looks like a flashlight, but when you pop the cap off, you'll see why the Fleshlight is rated one of our top-selling male masturbators. The exterior is a hard plastic case, so you don't feel your hand while you're stroking away at the realistic  vagina inside. And the case lets you place the Fleshlight almost anywhere for hands-free adventures.

The inside is almost two lbs. of soft, snug ultra-realistic material, molded to look exactly like the real thing. You'll feel so good when you lube up and slide between the sculpted lips that hug your erection in a tight, warm grip. Just unscrew the top, remove the PVC tube packed into the Fleshlight, and slide deep into the sleeve. You can thrust all the way, too, because the Fleshlight is a full 8" deep. Unscrew the bottom cap slightly to create the suction that feels good for you.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

Disguised, Travel Size
Waterproof, Travel Size, Made in USA, Flexible, Thrusting, Phthalate-free
8 inches
CyberSkin, Hard Plastic Exterior, 100% Phthalate-Free, Real Feel SuperSkin, TPR (Thermoplastic Resin), SuperSkin, Latex-free
2.5 inches
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Not really happy with it Submitted 6/13/2009
I say this only because I have another fleshlight that I purchased a few years ago with the ribbed inside. That extra bit of sensation makes a ton of difference. THIS MODEL IS JUST SMOOTH RUBBER TUNNEL, No texture or ribbed sections inside. Though it will work, it felt pretty boring actually I did not know there was another style of fleshlight other than the ribbed version I already owned. The quality of this one is great and obviously tighter than my older version but I must say this one does not compare to any textured tunnel style fleshlight. If I had not used it, I would return it. I suggest ordering models with some type of textured/ribbed tube.
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Awesome Submitted 5/3/2006
As close as it gets to the real thing. The material that this is made of is amazing. With a little Astroglide lube it brings me to a powerful orgasm everytime. The material it's made of looks and feels real, and the entry is a great visual effect. Well worth the price and totally satisfying. Cleans easily. Every guy ought to have one of these for when the lady is away.
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Mr. Lovewell
The Premier Male Masturbator! Submitted 5/24/2007
This is IT, gentlemen! The “Fleshlight” is the best male masturbator on the market right now! I own three Fleshlights, and they’re all amazing. They look nice, and realistic. They’re a breeze to clean (just run it under some hot water). And they feel great! They’re also long. So many male masturbators out there are simply not long enough. I want something that can take my whole penis, not just the top half of it, and the Fleshlight accomplishes that wonderfully. You also may be considering something that vibrates, or looks more real on the outside, or has a lot of bells and whistles. FORGET IT! There is no other toy out there that feels as good as this thing does when you slide into it. This is about as close to perfect as a masturbator can get. The price may seem a little high, but it is worth it. If you’re only going to buy one masturbator make it a “Fleshlight.” Whether this is the first or fifteenth masturbator you buy, it will definitely be your last. You won’t want anything else after using the Fleshlight!
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Light Me Up Submitted 4/25/2005
I thought this was funny so I bought it. When I got it I was curious. I tried it and it felt great. I like the grip surface on the "light" area. It helps you go as fast as you want. Beats the hand, so to speak...
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a must buy Submitted 11/27/2005
This is the real deal. This toy feels great on your cock. It didn't take long to cum and cleaned up real easy. Great product!
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WOW! Submitted 2/19/2006
Amazing! I didn't even have to start looking at porn for a massive erection. Looks and feels just like my lover's pussy. feelings of ecstasy as my smooth, hard cock slide gently through the lips as they spread around my head, I moaned while shooting a big, sticky gob of cum deep inside it.
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Better Than I Expected Submitted 8/30/2007
My wife's sex drive is no where near where mine is so I decided to try something else. The description and reviews sounded too good to be true but I gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised in all aspects. It does feel real, its ready all the time, it never talks back and you don't have to cuddle when its over. I actually think this is better than my wife. I had sensations that I've never felt before. I do have to lube up twice however. I lube up once, put my penis inside and then have to lube up again. But I actually cum faster with this than with my wife. My wife doesn't know I have this or else she'd kill me but what is a man to do whose wife is not up to action as much as her man wants? This is definitely the answer. The worst thing about it is waiting for it to be dry after washing it. I have to store it in a "secret" place so my wife want see it while it drys out. Of course I'd prefer sex with my wife over this but when we do it, it is the same everytime. She doesn't like to change. With the Flesh Light I can stand, kneel, sit, lay or whatever. I give it two thumbs up (or one penis up).
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Fleshlight helps you increase your frequency Submitted 2/27/2008
It has really helped me increase my ejaculations and we all need to ejaculate more for health as much as out of need. I've never been much into masturbation but have always felt the urge come more often. This device makes masturbation easy and convenient and ensures I ejaculate hard every time. It just makes you want to masturbate and helps instill and strengthen that reflex. It'll make a frequent ejaculator out of even the most uptight critic. Wish I had it when I was in my teens.
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Just Okay Submitted 9/8/2008
This is the first sex toy I ever bought years ago from the Fleshlight creator's website. I bought this when I was still a virgin and was curious as to how sex really felt. Years later, looking back, this product was only okay. The quality of the Fleshlight is really good! The material is very soft, very flexible, and easy to clean! I think an average and above average man in size will get some enjoyment out of this product. It seems big enough to fit almost any size of penis. The suction on the item could be better. Once you lube up, you lose a lot of feeling if you are using the insert inside the container. I suggest you remove the insert and use it by itself. Also, pinching in end of the insert to close up the hole in the end adds more suction, which is always nice. Overall, the Fleshlight is an okay male masturbator, but it is no substitute for the real thing.
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The Romantic Ones
A very fun masturbator Submitted 1/2/2012
When I recieved the flesh light I was really suprised at its size. i was expecting it to be smaller, this is big enought to accomodate any size penis. I couldnt wait to give it a try. I lubed it up and gave it a poke. I learned that if you lube it too much there is absolutely no friction so I washed it out and used the remaining lube that was on me and it was perfect. It was a little loose at first as I am of average size, but I cured this by removing the insert and placing a rubber band around where it tucked into the fleshlight housing and this closed the opening in just enought to accomodate me. It has since become my favorite masturbator. My only complaint is that it should have some ribbing like other masturbators but if you get the lube right its a non issue. Tilt it towards you to simulate cowgirl and spin it around and tilt away to simulate reverse cowgirl. Just close your eyes and fantisize. Cleaning is easy. just take apart and clean in your bathroom sink.
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