Head Honcho Masturbator

Head Honcho Masturbator

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Triple Sucking Sensations

Voted Sex Toy Of The Year by "Talk Sex" with Sue Johanson

  • Super soft and stretchy material for your pleasure
  • Made from strong yet stretchy rubber
  • 3 separate suction chambers
  • Easy grip design
  • Flexible to squeeze around almost any size
  • Transparent design allows you to see yourself in action

It feels like the best oral sex you've ever had! The Head Honcho is one of our most popular masturbators, getting rave reviews from our customers. The secret is the 3 separate suction chambers for the ultimate in stroking pleasure.

Slide your throbbing erection past the inviting sculpted lips of this amazing masturbator and get ready for the "oral experience" of your life! First, you're tickled with The Head Honcho's stimulating nubbed entryway. Then you're gripped by 3 separate and unique suction chambers separated by a ribbed shaft, producing a super-strong suction like nothing you've ever felt before. Extra ticklers at the end thrill the tip of your penis. Each thrust drives you to an incredible, ball-draining orgasm!

The Head Honcho is built for hot action, with a thick rubber sleeve that warms up to your body temperature for a "real" feeling. It's super-stretchy and super-tight, to grip you firmly no matter how hard or fast you thrust. And it's fully transparent, so you can watch all the action as it magnifies your penis to look huge. Use it alone, or with a partner for an amazingly erotic sex session.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

California Exotic Novelties
Disguised, Travel Size
Waterproof, Flexible, Phthalate-free
5 inches
100% Phthalate-Free, TPR (Thermoplastic Resin)
3 inches
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Satisfied user
Wow, I love it! Submitted 7/2/2014
Couldn't wait to open my head honcho when it arrived. I have been using a super head honcho for quite a while now and really loved it. To get suction was always a bit of a challenge when the outside gets lube on it. I used to either put a finger in the end hole or even tried plastic wrap which worked. BUT with the head honcho, problem solved. As soon as I got home I went to the bathroom to get some privacy to try it out. I came very quickly. I used to lose an erection at times with the Super Head Honcho but even flacid could make it pop. With the Head Honcho I held a strong erection all the way. It was a bit tight for me but I think that that added to the pleasure. The suction chambers work really well.
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What a Mast-----or Submitted 11/15/2007
This guy really does the trick !! I have BLue Job, but it is nothing compare to this guy "Honcho". Internal tube gives you more pleasure than any other type Mast-..tor. Try it your self then you will have to agree with me. AWESOME 'job"
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Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Submitted 4/13/2008
I had used a sleeve before, didn't really think much of it, hard to clean, messy, not really that much better than my hand. Then I tried this one, WOW what a difference. Easy clean up, and the feelings, it was so good when I climaxed I thought I would pass out. I just kept coming and coming. Fantastic.
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Jamie J.
I LOVED watching him use this! Submitted 6/16/2008
I bought this for my husband as a Christmas stocking stuffer and after some initial reluctance finally convinced him to try it out. I'm not sure what we were expecting, but the expression on his face when he sank into the sleeve spoke volumes and the intensity on his face during was awesome to watch. His comments were that the suction was incredible and the nubs inside made his penis really sensitive. And I love how easy it was to clean it. One word of caution: Make sure the lubricant you use is safe for silicone, otherwise the silicone will get eaten away and not feel so great.
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Great first Toy Submitted 11/27/2013
As a student in college looking for many ways to please my sexual appetite, I decided to buy myself my first sex toy. The Head Honcho was amazing. I lubed myself up, lubed the masturbator, and slipped right in. It was truly amazing. Aside from getting the job done, it's great to be able to see the action. My favorite part are the suction sounds it makes. I would suggest to use your spit as lube, for water based lubes dry up to quickly. The toy is definitely worth acquiring. Because of the quality, I am getting more toys from here and explore my choices. Cheers!
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Great toy Submitted 3/21/2008
This is my first time using a mastubator. The suction and the slurping sounds is the next best thing to a blow job. One of the best toys I ever purchased.
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Sue has done it again! Submitted 9/12/2008
I would like to thank the makers of this toy, you're amazing! My husband LOVES it!!! Soft and squishy on the outside three chamber in the inside that is smaller as you go deeper and nubbs at the end where the head hits. The Head Honcho is the best male masturbator by far that my hubby has tried to date. He says it is almost as good as oral sex. The best part is the strechy-ness to it. Here is what you do: hold your fingers around the opening of the masturbator up to the base of the penis, then stretch the end of the masturbator out with your other hand. Slowly release it back to it original shape and repeat. He/you will feel it really sucking.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Head Honcho Masturbator Submitted 3/14/2016
My wife likes using it on me. Must say; smoother then her hands and the mess is contained. I thought it was going to be something I used alone; but that is not how it has worked out.
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Fantastic! Submitted 9/22/2015
This was my first adult purchase and I was quite reluctant. I'm glad I "pulled the trigger." I definitely recommend this product. Buy it; you won't be disappointed.
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Fun for both Submitted 2/28/2008
With a closed tip, and several suction chambers, this product allows the user to really personalize and enhance the experience. The "translucent for your viewing pleasure" plug is comical at first glance, but is actually now my girlfriend's favorite aspect of the toy. Its easy to grip, and easy to clean; highly recommended
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