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Hot And Spicy Dice
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Hot And Spicy Dice

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Each roll of the dice leads to sexy fun!

Hot and Spicy Dice are a great way to add some fun and adventure to your relationship. These dice also make a great gift for Bachelorette or Birthday Parties!

She rolls the pink dice and he rolls the blue dice to turn up the heat with this game. The dice determine the body part, action performed and location to perform it. Will it be "lick her nipples in the dining room" or "suck his balls in the kitchen"?

Set includes pink dice for her and blue dice set for him, one showing the body part, one explaining the action and one to tell you where to play out your fun!

California Exotic Novelties
Male, Female
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Stuart & Shelley
Great! Submitted 9/23/2007
Ever wondered what to do next during foreplay? Wonder no more, the Hot & Spicey Dice always have an answer! The dice felt surprisingly large (1’’ diameter) and heavy when we got them. The three blue dice are for him, and the three pink dice are for her. Each set of three dice has six actions, body parts and locations. For his dice, the actions are kiss, lick, massage, nibble, stroke, and suck, the body parts are balls, ears, lips, neck, penis, and toes, and the locations are bathtub, bed, car, kitchen, outside, stairs. For her dice the actions are kiss, lick, massage, nibble, suck, and tickle, the body parts are ears, lips, neck, nipples, pussy, and toes, and the locations are bed, couch, dining room, living room, shower, and your choice. There are a total of 216 combinations for each set of dice! Some of the combinations are clear winners (“suck his penis in the car”) whereas others were clear roll-agains (“nibble her toes on the stairs”). I was surprised by how much of a lecher I felt while licking Shelley’s ears ;-) The first time we played it, we found that changing the location was taking too much time, so we played without the “location” die. The second time we played it, we changed the “toes” option to “nipples” for him, and “your choice” for her using some round office labels, because neither of us has a foot fetish and we would always re-roll those, anyway. Net, this was a great little game that we are sure to revisit again and again. It shows that a slightly different way to enjoy each other’s bodies is all that is required for lovers to have a good time. These dice supply the inspiration to try those combinations you might never have thought of before. For less than $10, these dice were well worth the investment.
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Delightful Dice Submitted 4/14/2012
I'm not one usually for 'adult games' during foreplay, but these were an exception for me. I loved the suggestions that came up with each roll. For some reason I not only found the erotic aspect, but I also found them a bit funny at times, but laughter is always good. It's game that is simple, but doesn't keep one in the bedroom. It's a great way to break the nervousness or shyness of exploring eroticism around the house. Plus there are so many combinations, that it doesn't get boring. These dice are definitely a favorite of mine.
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Lovers from Texas
Stuart covered the facts, so here is our story. Submitted 12/1/2007
One Friday evening we decided to meet up at one of our favorite restaurants to kind of unwind from a rather boring day at work for me and a hectic one for her. We ate our meals and talked about work mostly. Then as always we split a piece of caramel covered cheesecake (alternative to sex for some, right after chocolate). Before we were about to leave she went to the restroom. While she was gone, I pulled my dice out of my pocket (prior planning needed) and arranged them: Action=suck, Body part=penis, and of course Location=car. (Safe sex???LOL) and then placed them under her napkin. When she returned, she was ready to go, so I told her to let me finish my tea. A few seconds later she lifted her napkin and a big smile swept across her face. Need less to say, I did not finish my drink. We left our money on the table and went straight to my truck. Thank goodness we were in the restaurant long enough for the traffic to have thinned out a lot. This is not the first time she has given me a blowjob in the car, but it must have been the best to date. She kept going for about 15 minutes (which is usually longer than she can before her jaw starts to get sore), because before I knew it we were turning into the driveway and I put it in park allowing her to finish. I am so glad we reached home before I came or we may have caused an accident. Once finished she went on into the house while I stored my equipment. When I walked into the living room she had already put in our music, lit a few candles, pulled out her die, placed them on the coffee table, and was only wearing her panties and bra. Talk about quick recovery time, I was instantly ready to go again. Well to make a long story short, we each rolled a few more times before we wound up in the bedroom, it was her die, Action=kiss, Body part=neck, and Location=bed. That was the last thing either of us remember until we woke up the next morning (about 10). I know we did not have intercourse, but it was perfect the way it was. The worst part of the entire event was getting dressed on a Saturday morning to go get her car at the restaurant.
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Mr. & Mrs. Love in TX
Funny way of anticipation Submitted 9/18/2008
What a blast we had by using these dice. At first we were like are we going to use this before sex? Boy, what wrong we were! We really had fun with this and believe it we were hornier than ever. The anticipation we had playing with these dice was what made us so horny. it has dice for her and other for him in which it ask you to perform different things over your lover’s body in different places of your house. This is a nice fun way of building anticipation before sex!
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Randomness at its finest Submitted 6/23/2015
I love the spontaneous objective of these dice. The wife was just as excited by them.
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strip whoopee Submitted 8/15/2015
got to be in the right frame of mind
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Not Deceived
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Fun,sexy and humorous Submitted 8/6/2016
Like I said, Fun, Sexy and Humorous
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
The best dice game I have found Submitted 10/4/2017
The separate male and female dice are a good touch, and the location dice add a fun twist.
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