Ouch! Glow In The Dark Thigh Cuffs with Belt and Handcuffs

Ouch! Glow In The Dark Thigh Cuffs with Belt and Handcuffs

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Ouch! Glow In The Dark Thigh Cuffs with Belt and Handcuffs on mannequin
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Product Description

Get Kinky with Extreme Bondage!

The Glow In the Dark Thigh Cuffs with Belt and Handcuffs will take bondage play to the next level. A pair of Thigh Cuffs keeps their upper legs restrained. Handcuffs restrict their movement even more. A Belt Restraint lets you try kinkier positions and poses with its built-in anchor rings. Everything’s fully adjustable with slip-resistant buckles for added security. Glow-in-the-dark material creates a fun & kinky look. Belt is 39.4 by 3.5 inches. Faux leather with metal clips.

  • Thigh Cuffs, Handcuffs & Belt Restraint included
  • Thigh Cuffs limit movement
  • Handcuffs keep wrists secured
  • Belt Restraint’s anchor rings allow for kinkier positions
  • Adjustable buckles for comfortable fit
  • Glows in the dark for fun with the lights off
  • Faux leather & metal clips for a kinky look & feel
  • Protected by The Adam & Eve Guarantee

Thigh Cuffs restrain your sub’s legs and limit their movement better than any others. Simply buckle them around your lover’s upper legs to keep them squeezed together. This restricts their movements, so you can dominate them easily in multiple positions

The handcuffs further restrict your sub’s movements, giving you even more control. Slap the cuffs on your sub’s wrists to keep their hands secured behind their back or other ways. Try looping one of the cuffs around a bedpost, shower rod, or chair for even kinkier fun. Adjustable buckles let you tweak the fit.

The extra-wide belt restraint wraps around the waist and lower torso. It has a pair of metal anchor rings in the back for clipping the handcuffs. (And the rings work with other bondage gear from Ouch! too.) This lets you experiment with multiple kinky positions. With its double buckles and straps, the adjustable belt is the perfect fashion accessory for bondage!

Each restraint comes with a neon green strap that glows in the dark. It adds a kinky touch whenever you turn off the lights. The glow-in-the-dark feature requires direct sunlight for activation prior to use. The longer you leave it exposed, the more it glows.

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