Pleasure Swing

Pleasure Swing

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Only 5 in Stock!
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The Pleasure Sex Swing

Experience hundreds of new sexual positions in this gravity-defying sex swing! The Pleasure Sex Swing has erotic padded leopard-print velvet that is so comfortable, you’ll never make love on anything else. The angles that are possible will help your penis reach her pleasure spots for that euphoric orgasm that will make her want it more and more! The swing is fully adjustable, pre-assembled and ready to go- just hook it up to any wooden door frame or ceiling beam, and swing away! The Pleasure Sex Swing holds up to 200 pounds with the spring, or 400 pounds without, which means both of you can easily swing together.

The Pleasure Swing includes:

• Instruction booklet
• Eyelet Screw
• Tension Spring
• Eyelet Bolt
• Support Bar
• Adjustable Straps
• Padded Back and Butt Support
• Padded Stirrups

Adventure Industries
Flexible, Padded, Quick Release
Male, Female
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Orgasmic Rush for both of us. Submitted 7/29/2015
I had my wife sit on the swing legs in the holster while I was on my knees pleasing her with my tongue. I was able to get deep inside better then her lying on the bed and that was one of her best oral orgasm that I have ever seen. Afterwards, I inserted my penis deep inside of her by swinging her back and forth. And this was orgasm number two. After watching me pound her, I had eventually lost my load. It's a great view just watching the penetration from the swing. And just to let you know, I'm 52 and she's 50. Very well worth it and ready for more imagination.
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For adventuresome couples! Submitted 11/21/2008
We're an adventuresome couple w/a solid 20-plus years of marriage and are always looking for new ways to spice up our love-making sessions. We have never had such incredible sex until the Pleasure Swing came into our sessions to create a whole new feeling of euphoria for us. My husband is very creative in positioning me for the deepest penetration ever while being able to hit all the right spots. He'll take his turn in the swing for the greatest oral he's ever experienced. We both agree that the floating sensation adds to the feeling. We both find ourselves extremely exhausted after a multi-hour session in the Pleasure Swing. You won't be disappointed!
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Endless Possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!! Submitted 5/21/2009
This is by far the best and most innovative toy that we own. You would not believe the positions and fun you can enjoy. I never thought that swinging could be so much fun. All of the straps are padded for your extra comfort. It even has padded stirrups. All of the straps/stirrups are fully adjustable. There is a bar for you to hold onto for support and enjoy the ride. It is very easy to assemble with a eyelet screw that comes with it. Just find a ceiling joist and screw it in and you are ready to go. Also, has a tension spring to relieve some of the pressure. We recommend this swing to any adventurous couple that is ready to defy gravity and have some incredible experiences.
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Nudist At Heart
We love to swing (but only with this toy!) Submitted 1/21/2010
This is by far the greatest toy we own. The Mrs. had always wanted to try out a swing thinking it would be fun, and this one did not disappoint. As we unpacked it we were amazed how well it is made and with such attention to detail. As the other review stated, all of the straps and stirrups are padded and fully adjustable. The bar is a great feature allowing one, or both, partners to hold on if needed. Perhaps the greatest feature of this swing is the number of positions you can enjoy. Each time we use it we try something new and have yet to do the same thing twice. Our only complaint is that we had to install it in the garage because there was no place in our bedroom or house, so now that it is winter we don’t get to use it much. Can’t wait for Spring to arrive!
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