$89.95 - $99.95
Pumped Automatic Clitoral & Nipple Pump
$89.95 - $99.95

Pumped Automatic Clitoral & Nipple Pump

Item #H555
Backordered Ships 11/28
Backordered Ships 11/28
$89.95 - $99.95

Get Beautiful Big Nipples Plus Clitoral Ecstasy!

Complete and convenient pump kit  sucks air out of strategically placed cylinders, blood circulation rushes in to engorge and enlarge, while at the same time making your nerve endings more...alive! 

  • Automatic clit & nipple pump
  • Stimulating suction can be applied to one or both nipples, or clitoris
  • Easy-to-position cylindrical suction cups are placed over desired zone to draw blood into area
  • 3 speeds of suction create temporary enlargement of nipples or clit
  • Kit includes 2 nipple cups, 1 clit cup, 1 hose with 2 ends & 1 rechargeable pump
  • Suction hoses are detachable from cups while leaving nipple or clit still suctioned
  • 120 minute charge is good for up to 2 hours of play, USB cord included
  • Made from acrylic, silicone, and ABS
  • To protect sensitive areas, pump no more than 20-30 minutes at a time
  • Compatible with water-based lubricants

Savor unique and all-new pleasure sensations with this simple pumping system. Each cup connector hose has its own shut-off valve so you can direct suction to exactly where you want it: both nipples simultaneously, one nipple at a time, or the clitoris. 

Once you've got your various bits sucked up nice and good, the suction hoses are detachable while the clear see-through cups keep a stimulating grip on your nipple(s) or clit! Try parading around like that and see the reaction to your bigger bits.

The Pumped Automatic Clit & Nipple is recommended for women who love nipple play and clitoral thrills. Looking for something new & different to experience, solo or with a partner? Then you're in for a good sucking! Couples can bring this toy into their foreplay games, too.

Note the cup diameters below. Smaller width nipples will probably enjoy the Medium option, while larger nipples will love the Large size option.

Medium Clitoral & Nipple Pump Specs:

Nipple Cups - Length: 2.67" | Diameter: 1.25" | Inner diameter: .75"

Clitoral Cup - Length: 3.07" | Diameter: 1.53" | Inner diameter: .98"

Large Clitoral & Nipple Pump Cups Specs:

Nipple Cups - Length: 3.07" | Diameter: 1.53" | Inner diameter: .98"

Clitoral Cup - Length: 3.07" | Diameter: 1.77" | Inner diameter: 1.18"

Pump & Hose Specs:

Hose - Length connector to cup: 10.43" | Length connector to finger grip: 10.04"

Pump Size: Length: 4.25" x Base: 2.48" x Height: 2.48"

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Vaginal, Nipple, Clitoral
Shots America
Rose Gold
Rechargeable, Suction Cup, Multi-speed
2.5 inches, 3 inches
Power Source:
Medium, Large
0.75 inches, 0.9 inches
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