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Sex Stool
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Sex Stool

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Try New Positions With Less Strain!

Take the strain completely off your thighs, knees and back and enjoy moves you never thought possible. The Sex Stool opens up worlds of sexual possibilities as you enjoy erotic adventures with more comfort than ever before.

  • Relieves strain
  • High-strength split seat
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.5" across the top, 17" wide, 15" tall, overall length is 24"

Enjoy weightless sex, bounce up and down on your partner, and try all those positions you've only dreamed about. It's all possible with the Sex Stool, the revolutionary sex furniture that takes your love play to new heights.

Just straddle comfortably on this split-seat stool and take the weight off your thighs and knees while your partner lies beneath. The opening in the seat's center allows you and your partner to get closer and go deeper than ever before for maximum penetration and ultimate pleasure. The Sex Stool lets you be creative, exploring new techniques and moves limited only by your imagination.

The Sex Stool is easy to put together and stores discreetly, but if you don't want to take it down, the design can easily pass as a normal bedroom stool. It arrives fully assembled and ready for love making. The Sex Stool comes with illustrations and suggestions for use, but you'll really enjoy coming up with your own sexual variations.

Male, Female
24 inches
Plastic, Metal
17 inches
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Sexy Love Birds
A great addition to our room... Submitted 1/29/2010
We weren’t really sure how this was going to work out having never seen or tried anything like this before. We own a love pillow that’s great for achieving different angles with positions but the sex stool is something totally different. The sex stool allowed us to get in and out of some different positions and variations more comfortably and actually we were inspired to try a few things we had not done before. The stool is easily put together or disassembled if you choose not to leave it out and the high-strength TPU straps can be easily cleaned if need be. The packaging has numerous images that demonstrate some of the possibilities for positions so you’ll have some inspiration when you receive the stool. The metal frame is sturdy and we felt stable the whole time we used it. I think to our own surprise we really recommend this to anyone looking to mix up the positions and have a lot of fun.
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WOW! Great tool! Submitted 3/22/2010
The Sex Stool is a great intro to sex furniture because it is easy to put together and take apart. You can use it, disassemble it, and store it for the future. My spouse and I are each about 200 pounds and we had no problem using this stool. It was almost like sex in water because of the weightlessness it provided. We tried all the positions demonstrated on the box and even made some of our own up. It was a blast! The only downfall at all is that if you are straddling it for an extended period of time, the sides can begin to hurt your thighs but as effective as this one is... it probably won't take that long to climax. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend the sex stool for anyone interested in adding some variety to their positions.
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A step up in sex Submitted 8/23/2010
The Sex Stool is a great addition to any bedroom. The help it gives in getting into fun and interesting new sex positions is irreplaceable. We absolutely love including this new dynamic to spice up our routine. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination, we've lost count of the new positions we've tried with this great piece of furniture. I do wish though that the various positions on the box were included in a smaller pamphlet or something easier to save since the box gets thrown out. I'm not sure if our stool came bent slightly, but I actually did have a little bit of trouble putting it together. It's not bad, just took more force than I thought it would to make things line up right. I also wish the height was adjustable or something. For the main position of the girl bouncing on top, the height didn't work very well for us without a lot of pillows to decrease the distance. Other than that though, the Sex Stool works great. It is extremely sturdy and a wonderful sex aid.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
An oral pleasers delight Submitted 3/1/2017
Got the stool and had no problem setting it up. 15 minutes at most. Surprised her with it. She was skeptical at first but found it to be comfortable to sit on and I found it easy to give her the oral pleasure she luvs. Just a small pillow was used and she really got off easily. If you love oral the you must add this to your life...
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great stool Submitted 11/5/2014
Isn't as good as the Kamadara Love Diamond pillow but comes in a close 2nd....
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So much fun Submitted 6/23/2015
This stool was a pain to get together but once it was together the fun began. Well worth it.
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Duke of Earl
difficult to assemble Submitted 7/9/2014
Very tight fit, required me to put all my weight on it to get things together. Once together it worked great.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Mike Submitted 1/7/2017
Sits to high in air for wife on top position without adding pillow. Should have adjustable legs.
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