So Real 6" Realistic Dong

So Real 6" Realistic Dong

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Nothing Like the Real Thing...Except for This!

The So Real 6" Realistic Dong is hand-crafted from hefty, realistic material that warms up as you use it. The 1 ¾” thick shaft fills you up nicely. Features a suction base to hold your dildo in place for use anytime, anywhere! The only limitation is your imagination.

• Realistic look and feel with veins
• Great sex toy for beginners or experienced users
• Can be used for vaginal or anal sex
• Waterproof for shower fun and easy cleaning

The So Real Dildo is authentically sculpted from the smooth head, down the lifelike veins and ridges along the shaft, to the thick manly balls. A suction base under the balls and shaft keeps this dildo in place on a flat surface for solo fun. The So Real Dildo is made of solid but soft lifelike material that warms up to your body temperature for an extra-real feel and exciting sex play.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

Vaginal, Anal
P. Gopaldas Ltd.
Travel Size
Waterproof, Warming, Suction Cup, Flexible, Temperature Sensitive
6 inches
PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)
1.75 inches
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I can't get enough! Submitted 11/20/2010
This is the first dildo I have purchased - I had been occasionally using some of my vibrators as dildos, but I was looking for something with a more realistic size and shape. It is easy to insert - just add a little lube to the head and it slides right in. It is the perfect size for me - both length and width - I can take it all in! The width is larger than my other vibrators, which I really like. It really gives me that full feeling that I crave! The realistic head and veins provide more of an authentic feel, as well as added stimulation. I use this dildo almost everyday in conjunction with some form of clitoral stimulation (clit vibe or fingers) - I can't get enough of it! It's a great dildo at a great price.
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small but my wife loves it Submitted 12/27/2011
This little dildo was something i just had them throw in to get the price of my purchase up to where we could recieve free 2 day shipping, and didn't really think my wife would use it very often if ever since she prefers much larger dildo's, but man was i ever wrong. She loves the big head on it, and she says it feels so real as it warms up as she uses it. She also loves the feel of the big thick veins, as well as the soft human like feel. I would definetly sugest this dildo for your mate, especially if she's into smaller dildos.
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S&A in Cali
Feels just like my husband Submitted 1/21/2012
Purchased this dong to keep myself company when my husband is gone. It mimics his proportions exactly. Warm it up in some hot water, lube and I feel like its him inside me. This is the perfect sized dong for those of us with normal men or that dont have a fetish for large penile penetrations
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About perfect Submitted 3/26/2015
This is quite a bit smaller than my husband, but works well. If you are used to an average fella, this hits the spot pretty good. If you are used to a larger fella, this is a nice break, but large enough for the job.
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first timer Submitted 5/31/2015
we have only used it once. my wife is 66 and this is her first dildo. I rubbed her clit as she moved it and she said that there was a slight discomfort probably because she had never used one before but if not for that the orgasm would have been close to a 10.
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Nice Submitted 7/31/2015
was smaller then average but I guess that was the point of play... if your looking to watch your wife deep throat or double penetration then this is the one to have
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
first time shopper. Submitted 12/6/2015
Loved it. When i opened it, it smelled heavily of plastic but after a few washes it went away but it lingers a bit. First time i used it i orgasmed quickly because it was a little bigger than what i was used to. A little hard to suck on because of its size. And because of its base it's very stable. I love it
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Named perfectly Submitted 6/9/2012
So real in appearance and feel, if used as strapon looks as close to natural as possible, feels so real my wife actually thought it was me. Unbelieveable! Highly recommend. Suction cup lacking though.
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Pretty good Submitted 11/23/2014
This was my first dildo & I was so excited to get this however it took awhile to arrive. It's a little bigger then what im used to, & definitely need lube for this which I don't like. But it is a good length & it definitely gives you a great full feeling! Overall Id say I love it & use it more often then I thought id need to! (I only got it bc my bf never gives it to me and ive been sexually frustrated like you wouldnt believe) but I would recommend this for sure. Id say my only huge disappointment would be the "suction cup" I wouldnt even call it that, the bottoms just a tad concave and I guess thats what they consider a suction cup. I was really looking forward to doing some shower humping (;
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Surprise Surprise Submitted 5/18/2015
Bought this for my wife her first dildo even though she is in her 60's. Was apprehensive at first but after a couple of minutes she went to town with it and had a an amazing O. Liked it so much she used it again the next day with the same result. It is her new best friend.
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