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Sportsheets™ Restraint Sheets (Queen)

Sportsheets™ Restraint Sheets (Queen)

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Only 1 in Stock!
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Turn your bedroom into a fantasy playroom.

Captivate your lover with this playful restraint kit that fits any bed. A black, velvet-like brushed-nylon fitted bedcover with drawstring cinches and under-the-mattress stabilizing straps comes with four Velcro Anchor Pads and four adjustable restraint SportCuffs. Position the anchor pads and cuffs anywhere you want on the Sportsheets Restraint Sheets. Now cuff your lover and let him or her lose control! Secure, but easy-off pads and cuffs create a non-threatening, arousing game of domination. Machine washable for easy clean up.

Male, Female
Nylon, Velcro
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The Joneses
Why don’t you have this yet?! Submitted 3/10/2009
We have been waiting to try this product and it did not disappoint! The sheets are so soft and fuzzy that they could be utilized as your everyday sheets. My wife was a little uneasy about using the restraints because she does not enjoy being completely unable to move. However, she really had a lot of fun. The restraints are easy to use. It was fun to be creative and use them multiple ways and on different parts of the body. Once her arms and legs were in the restraints, I could rip up the Velcro and move them around to put her in different positions. I have to say the most exciting part of this toy was being able to go down on her. She gets very sensitive after an orgasm and she always wants me to back away instantly. I knew that with this, she was not going to be able to force me away. The entire time I was giving her head, I was anxious to continue pleasuring her after her orgasm. Sure enough, she squirmed and screamed but was unable to get me away! Watching her being forced to take the pleasure was a moment I will never forget. We also put two of the straps together to form a choker around her neck. This was really hot to watch but did not bring much enjoyment to her. A great feature of this product is that the Velcro is incredibly strong and the restrained is unable to pull themselves away from the sheets. When I tried to escape, it just wasn’t going to happen. There are also many accessories for the sheets, such as the Dildo Anchor Pads and the Hump Bump and Vibe, which add nothing but lots and lots of fun! The next time we use these sheets we are going to try it in conjunction with the Penetration Station and take the fun to another level. Keeping up with the Joneses is not easy but this one will definitely bring you up to par. ~ The Joneses
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What a novel idea! Submitted 4/16/2009
This is just one of the great accessories in the Sportsheet line. This queen –size sheet fits snuggly to your mattress with the help of elastic straps and elastic bands. It does take a little time to get the sheet on and snug but it is well worth it. The sheet is made of a soft washable fabric that other Sportsheet accessories “attach” to. With this sheet comes 2 pairs of cuffs that are anchored to a base of very sticky Velcro. You can put the cuffs anywhere on the sheet so you can bond your partner in very interesting positions: which makes for great sex play. Once the cuffs are placed they are virtually impossible to get out of: by pulling against them: but are easily removed if a corner is lifted. The adjustable cuffs are made of a soft rubber so they are very comfortable when in use. They also have play in them so you can easily reach the corner of the base to lift it and get it loose from the sheet: having the cuffs attached flat on the bed makes bondage games very comfortable: which is the key to having mind blowing orgasms. If bondage is your game this will take it to the next level.
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