Stay Hard Lubricant

Stay Hard Lubricant

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A Premium Lubricant That Keeps You Harder, Longer

Stay Hard Lubricant is water-based and helps men to increase stamina and staying power. Benzocaine has been added to a water based lubricant formula to help prevent premature ejaculation while providing premium lubrication.

• Helps maintain erections and prevent premature ejaculation
• Provides great lubrication
• Latex condom compatible
• 2.3 fl oz flip top bottle

To use, apply a small amount of Stay Hard Lubricant a five minutes before becoming intimate. You are all set to enjoy a longer lasting erection that is sure to satisfy your partner!

Body Action
Desensitizing, Water-based
Fluid Volume:
2 to 4 oz, 2.2 oz
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One more tool Submitted 5/25/2008
There are many options for men to prolong the duration of intercourse. Some are psychological (like doing mental math), or physiological (like getting oral sex first), and some are chemical (like numbing lubricants). This last option is where Stay Hard Lubricant comes in. Stay Hard Lubricant contains 3% benzocaine in a water-based lube that promises to help a man “maintain rock hard erections and increase stamina.” This can, however, be a two-edged sword: too little and it doesn’t numb enough, too much, and the man won’t feel anything anymore and may lose his erection. Each man will have to experiment to find out how much to apply in order to get the desired result. Also, it’s probably a good idea to apply this on the penis about 5 minutes before intercourse and cover it with a condom. The man will, after all, be trying to pleasure his lover, not numb her sensitive parts as well. Net, this lube is not the be-all-end-all of ejaculation control, but it is one more tool a man can use to prolong the duration of intercourse.
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Sex Toy Goddess
It works! Submitted 12/18/2007
I've always been skeptical with stay hard creams, lotions, and potions. My husband and I have tried so many in the past that I didn't expect much from this one. What a surprise I was in for! It really does work! It's easy to apply a liberal amount, it was fairly runny so he put on a little more than intended. We always couple our creams with cock rings so he put his ring on as usual. When we have sex he's always quick, never any longer than 20 minutes. With the Stay Hard Lube we went for a full, solid, satisfying 45 minutes! I was shocked. I couldn't believe it worked, it helped to prolong his ejaculation helping me to orgasm before he did--- FINALLY! The bottle is a little bit smaller than expected BUT a lot will go a long way.
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Stay Hard Lubricant Review Submitted 10/8/2007
This is a great way to get a guy to keep on going. I enjoyed using this product partly because it lasted for so long. The only potential problem I noticed is that the numbing agent can be transferred to the female if you don't wait long enough for it to be properly absorbed. Given that it doesn't take long to absorb, it's not a problem at all. This is a product that not only I enjoyed but my boyfriend enjoyed as well. Sometimes a few minutes is almost all we have. We used this one night and sleeping definitely got put on the back burner.
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nice item Submitted 10/23/2007
It was good product it made my boyfriend last all night. He never had any problem staying hard but I got it to try it out and it really enhanced our experience. I think it’s a good thing to try out to see how you or your partner will react to this product. I think this type of product will have different affects depending on the person using is so it worked okay for us but it may be amazing for another couple.
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Renewed Love
Extended warranty Submitted 11/9/2007
This product worked for me. Usually I have to please the wife before we get going to long with intercourse because I would always cum before her. We like to use a vibrator during intercourse ever once in awhile to help stimulate her clitoris which didn't help to much in the stamina department for me. We just got done using this product, I applied it and waited about 10 minutes before having intercourse. Even with her using a vibrator for added stimulation she came before me and I still was able to continue. It didn't completely remove the feeling or cause me to lose my erection. It was nice to be able to drive her over the edge for a change and still have a lot more where that came from. If your looking for a way to prolong your orgasm guys this product is for you. My wife and I say buy it.
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WORKS GREAT!! Submitted 12/4/2007
This product works great. Be sure to follow the directions, and I know this will work for YOU. I can normally last for about 20 minutes of non stop fun. After applying some I swear I doubled my staying time. We were both sore from that work out. Try it and you will see.
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Works for me Submitted 11/5/2007
This product worked better than others I have tried (only 2) so I'll stick with it. I dont have a problem getting or staying hard at all, but this helps me be able to really hit it like my woman likes. How I do, I put it on before I start getting her ready, then by the time she is, there are no effects on her. Jus give it like 3 mins to absorb. It adds a good 45 mins for me.
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Private Professionals
really works Submitted 11/20/2007
I wasn't too excited about trying this product, but I did find that I lasted a little longer. I haven't used it since though, mainly because I couldn't fully enjoy myself due to the numbing effect. - BETTERSEX NOTE: It seems like the product did it's job, yet it might have been to strong for you. We do have other products that might not be as numbing and might work at the level you need them to. Thank you for your feedback.
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A Little Extra Help Submitted 11/7/2007
We found that the Stay Hard lubricant gave me just enough de-sensitizing that I lasted longer than usual. But we had to experiment with how much to use and when to use it. If you use too much it detracts from the sensation and if you put it on too soon before penetrating your woman, then she gets some numbing too. And that's not good! As with most of these products, have fun experimenting...be adventurous.
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works great Submitted 11/13/2007
What can I say but another great product from Better Sex. If you are like me and want to last longer then this product is for you. Just put it in your shopping cart now and pay. Yes you can pass the lube on to your partner but if you put it on 5 minuted before sex it is very good. Much recommended.
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