Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

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Feels Like The Best Oral Sex Ever

Voted Sex Toy Of The Year by "Talk Sex" with Sue Johanson

  • Super soft and stretchy material for your pleasure
  • Tight, textured interior creates a stunning sensation
  • Made from strong yet stretchy rubber
  • 3 separate suction chambers
  • Easy grip design
  • Flexible to squeeze around almost any size
  • Transparent design allows you to see yourself in action

Find out why our customers are raving about the Super Head Honcho male masturbator, the sex toy that feels like the best oral experience you ever had!

Lube up with water-based lubricant and slide your erection past the realistic sculpted lips and into a textured rubber sleeve that's extra-thick and warms up to your body temperature for a real feel. And the Super Head Honcho is fully transparent, so your penis looks huge! Imagine the erotic thrills you'll have if you're using this amazing sex toy with your partner.

Once you're inside, 3 suction chambers go to work on your penis, each lined with nubs textured like golf balls that deliver amazing massaging sensations. But it's the super-strong suction that will produce an incredible, balls-draining orgasm that will leave you limp.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

California Exotic Novelties
Disguised, Travel Size
Waterproof, Travel Size, Flexible, Phthalate-free
6.5 inches
100% Phthalate-Free, TPR (Thermoplastic Resin)
2.75 inches
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OMG Amazing !!!! Submitted 1/6/2009
Bought this for my husband and we had such fun with it. His eyes were crossed when we started to play with it and he finally came. His loads have been hugh ever since using this wonderful toy , I highly recommend it ! Diane
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The Playful Couple
As close to the real thing as you can get... Submitted 5/28/2009
With more masturbators out there than you can shake a stick at (pun intended), it's hard to find one that truly shines. The Super Head Honcho is absolutely the best we've ever found. For solo play or fun together it does not disappoint. There is a reason why it was called "sex toy of the year." With our "hands-on" approach, my wife and I personally found it to be truly unique. The bumps, ridges and overall medium tension do much to make this toy feel as close to real intercourse as I've ever felt. I own many masturbators, from inexpensive to the most talked about, and the Super Head Honcho trounces them all. It is soft, supple, and yet a bit silly looking at first. It is pink, hardly the "manly" color. The lips at the opening make it appear to be yet another simple rubber schlong sleeve. It doesn't look like anything special. Once I felt the sensations it wraps around me, I was convinced. Most masturbators need some TLC to work. Some you have to squeeze the end for suction. Others you have to force the penis into the tube. Some even have to be on or held a certain way or they don't do much. This one is sensational. She loves to watch me use it, or use it on me herself. Trust me when I say it, this replaces all of the others we have accumulated. If you have more than one masturbator and are running out of room in your "special" drawer, you can confidently throw all of the others away when you pick this up.
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Awesome feel, Almost like the Real Thing Submitted 3/14/2009
I have used this product now for about 2 months. When the wife is not in the mood or around the house. I must admit the first few times the feeling was almost overwhelming, the stimulation is so intense. But after using it for awhile and getting accustomed to it, it is absolutely awesome. Use plenty of lube with it, I love the Pre Pair Personal Lube the best of all. Easy to clean, and it will, I believe will give you a most pleasurable experience you can get from such a simple device. I highly reccomend this product.
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SexyTime Lovers
Great toy for any guy. Submitted 3/17/2009
The Super Head Honcho is great. It's soft and pliable. It feels great when you use it...or have it used on you. The nubs and suction chambers add slightly different sensations to add to your experience. I would definitely recommend using a gel based lubricant (the Better Sex Essentials one works great), but make sure to stay away from silicone. Cleanup is super easy with the Head Honcho...running some water and soap through it is usually enough to clean everything out. When the "real thing" isn't available, this makes a top notch substitute. I highly recommend this.~SexyTime Lovers
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Mr. and Mrs. Allure
This one's for the boys... Submitted 4/29/2009
I don’t have a lot of experience using male masturbators, but this one is definitely the best. It is a perfect addition to our playtime, especially since Mrs. Allure enjoys using it as much as I do. It is very soft and elastic. It has what looks like lips at the opening that serves as nothing more than an aesthetic addition. There are three chambers within the Honcho that help to add various sensations. It is semi-translucent, which Mrs. Allure really likes because she can see my member move through the cavity. It is six inches long and is the perfect size to be held in one hand without much problem. This helps Mrs. Allure to use her hands or mouth to add extra sensations. When intercourse may not be in the cards, this is a perfect alternative to get a wonderful orgasm. I definitely recommend it.
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Warm Apple Pie Submitted 9/2/2009
The first time I inserted myself into the Super Head Honcho my wife asked immediately, what does it feel like? I replied with a grin, “It’s like warm apple pie”. Ha-ha The soft supple material easily conforms around your member with a small amount of lube. I warmed it up first by running under some warm water and it felt great. The suction chambers really do work. With just a few strokes the nubs inside had me curling my toes. We received the Super Head Honcho and a new vibrator for my wife the same day. This made for an exciting evening. We both were excited to watch one another climax quickly. The memory of that evening always puts a smile on my face. Another good use of the toy is in the shower. I would recommend it because of the great feel and easy clean up.
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Ralph and Nicole
Better than the 1st Submitted 9/7/2009
Buying this male masturbator was a no brainer for me because my hubby enjoyed the predecessor so much. Yes guys it is pink but don’t let the color fool you. It is just as stretchy as the first but longer and it has a hole in the end for easier cleaning and a great addition to oral sex! Ladies you can put your mouth over the end of the toy and as you play you can use your mouth on the tip for a little tongue action. Then you can switch and pinch off the hole for lots of suction. It’s no wonder Talk Sex with Sue rated it #1, the chambers are amazing.
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UnREAL !! Submitted 2/16/2009
I have a Fleshlight and love it, this is different, it has a real sucking action, Mind Blowing !
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Head of its class Submitted 8/27/2009
The Super Head Honcho really stands out among the crowd of male masturbators out there. Upon first glance, I wasn't sure how it could be much different than all of the rest. Even after the first stroke or two I thought perhaps all the hype was for nothing. The extra sensations start out nearly imperceptible, but they build up quick without you noticing. The three chambers really do make all the difference. The constant changing sensation on your sensitive head through your whole stroke feels amazing. If you're not careful, within a minute you've already built up to a powerful orgasm. Holding out much longer is quite difficult and usually leads to a mind melting loss of body control. This truly is something every guy needs to try. Cleanup is easy with a little soap and water. Another nice touch was making it 6 inches long instead of 5 like most other masturbators. I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite toy.
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LA Teasers
Does not last............... Submitted 8/13/2009
The head honcho is compact and has a nice texture, but the insertion hole might have been made a little too small. After only about 2 uses, the entry started to rip apart, after a few more uses the whole thing started to rip apart until it had a huge hole on one side. Now I am not the biggest guy, but I am not average. Maybe some larger sizes should be offered for those of us who are bigger, plus adding an inch or two to the length would not hurt either.
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