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Swizzle Stick Anal Sex Toy

Swizzle Stick Anal Sex Toy

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Swizzles for extreme sensations!

The Swizzle Stick is the perfect tool for intense anal sensations while being slim enough for anyone.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

Travel Size
Waterproof, Flexible
Male, Female
6 inches
0.5 inches
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Awesome toy! Submitted 2/27/2008
My husband never seems quite convinced this can feel good, but it's my favorite toy. Slender and easy to insert, even if I'm not fully aroused (yet!). Not only is thrusting fantastic, but screwing motions (clockwise and counterclockwise feel very different) are great, too. This toy always gives me really intense orgasms. If you are anally sensitive, you've got to try this!
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Swizzle to the Big OOOOOO Submitted 9/4/2007
This is the best anal toy that I have used. It's thin enough to just give you enough stimulation with out any kind of discomfort at all. And that best part is the Swizzle ridges. Oh, MY they are so arousing when your partner slowly moves the toy in and out of your anus. We use this almost every time we have sex. My partner loves how aroused I get and playful it makes me. It really turns me on in a big way. This is a must for your collection.
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Simple Yet Effective Submitted 8/9/2010
Sensational pleasure producer! This swizzle stick is so simple and slim yet extremely effective in stimulating the anal pleasure points. No batteries needed, just your favorite lube. Its slimness makes this a great toy for beginners but its swirling ridges will send waves of pleasure through even the most experienced – beginners should take it slow to get used to the intense sensations. Maximum effectiveness is best achieved with a partner as the unexpected withdrawal or insertion of this stick produces intense stimulation of the nerves around the anus. Clean up is best performed with soap and warm water or your favorite toy cleaner and a small brush to make sure the grooves are properly cleaned. Even though this stick is very quiet, since it does not have a motor, caution should be exercised as its use may produce loud vocalizations of pleasure. This is a must have toy for anyone that enjoys or is looking to try anal stimulation – you will not be disappointed with this inexpensive toy!
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K Girl
Swizzle Success Submitted 9/18/2010
The swizzle stick has become one of our favorite anal toys. Because it is very thin, it's great for beginners or as a great warm-up toy prior to using other toys. The top of the stick has a very small bulb on it, while the shaft swizzles down for lack of a better word. It felt great and we definitely felt the swizzling pressure once inserted. Our only real complaint was that it was very flexible. Being so small, we think a toy that was a little more rigid might have been easier to insert and felt more pleasurable. The material is odorless and was just about the right length for us (about 6 inches). Definitely a nice start for beginners or a nice change from the standards for advanced users!
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S & S in TX
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
the best anal stimulation toy out (in) there! Submitted 2/12/2016
We are just getting into anal and decided to give this stimulator a try. It was so worth trying. We bought a second to have as a spare. The combination of swirls in greater and smaller diameter means it is almost impossible to give (or get) the same stimulation twice. Rotating left, right, or back and forth, and add stroking back and forth has simply got to be experienced to be believed. You will want to play with this all night. If anything could make you orgasm by anus alone, this would be it. It is perfect for a beginner as the diameter never gets large enough to be uncomfortable. Just use plenty of lube (as with any anal toy) so you coat your anus before inserting and have plenty on the toy as you slide it in. Combine this with oral (or another toy for your front) to release all the excitement that built up. Plugs and beads are stationary toys, this is an action toy! Don't miss the opportunity to try it!
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Swizzle Stick Scores Submitted 12/30/2007
After my initial failure a few years ago in introducing my wife to anal sex using Dodson's Barbell, we completely foregone any further experimentation with anal stimulation until fairly recently. Having reintroduced her to anal stimulation using a softer (gel-type) vibrating toy, she seemed more receptive, so I invested in the Swizzle Stick, and she loves it. I get a turn-on watching her have more repeated and intense G-Spot and clitoral orgasms after inserting the Stick; it seems obvious that she is now thorougly enjoying the sensation of anal penetration in conjunction with using vaginal vibrators. However, I recommend going slow at first.
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Screw it in place Submitted 12/18/2013
Nice and fun. Small tip pops right in place through the tightest sphincter. Lube it up and screw it right in place. My wife took about 2/3 of it before complaining that it was hurting. After that, it was easy to insert and pull out giving her anal pleasure for the first time.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Swizzle stick anal toy Submitted 11/28/2015
I purchased this item to basically for myself, It is not big around but kinda long. Most anal toys I have purchased in the past have need large and very uncomfortable. Anyway I can really feel my anal muscles being worked with the swizzle part, to make a long story short I was really tired when this came in the mail. So the first night I got it I played a little while and fell asleep with it in. Woke the next morning still there and not uncomfortable at all I think this is a great product
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good intro to anal play Submitted 8/21/2009
The Swizzle Stick is a great introductory toy for anal play. Small enough for comfort, and the ridges and flexibility feel great. Highly recommend.
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Gentle in Texas
Good choice for 1st time Submitted 8/22/2015
My spouse liked the occasional anal touch, but was very timid about exploring. This small toy was something she was comfortable in trying. She was not disappointed and really enjoyed the twisting stimulation and helped in enhancing her orgasm.
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