System JO Prolonger Gel

System JO Prolonger Gel

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Only 8 in Stock!
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Bigger, Harder, Stronger and Longer

System JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray is designed to provide intense and continued ecstasy for him making him stronger and last longer. Experience sexual excitement and heightened pleasure with this enhancer formulated for a man’s specific needs. He can benefit from increased energy and stamina plus an amplified sex-drive.

System JO
Spray Bottle, Desensitizing, Gel
Fluid Volume:
2 oz
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Fun Times in NC
Prolong the pleasure Submitted 3/31/2011
This product does work. I was skeptical about if it would work but it does. The instructions tell you to apply and wait 5 minutes. I tried that and could barely tell any difference at all. The next time I waited 10 minutes minutes and WHOA! I could really tell a difference in reduced sensation allowing me to last longer. When I say longer, I mean significantly longer. Where was this stuff years ago? I can't think of any cons other than I wish I had found this stuff sooner. So...if you don't last as long as you would like, I recommend you get this stuff. If you don't get the results you want, try a little more product and wait a few more minutes. Experiment with it, besides the practice is fun!
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Sexy Love Birds
Worth the price of admission! Submitted 9/2/2011
Well, I've never struggled with being a 60 second driver, so to speak, but who doesn't want to last a bit longer to please their gal right? Luckily for me, Mrs Love Bird is multi-orgasmic so the longer I last the more fun I get to have cause the wilder and more interesting things get. We prefer to stay away from condoms generally but always use them for days where external spills aren't her thing. Those are the more romantic nights I suppose. Anyhow, with this stuff a little goes a long way. I wouldn't waste my time if using a condom because let's face it you need to lose it eventually . If you prefer the bareback feeling but don't want to lose it quickly this is a good product. Compared to some prolonger type condoms I've used, I would choose this 10 out of 10 times. enjoy!
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El fantastico
Go (Pro)Longer Submitted 9/6/2011
After having great experiences with other System Jo products, we decided to try the System Jo Prolonger Gel. After trying it, I can definitely say we were not disappointed. Ms. Fantastico and myself tried it one night and we could really tell a difference. It has just the right balance to desensitize so you last longer but not so much that you can't feel anything. The only thing I would say is that while the package says to wait about 5 minutes or so, if you wait about 8-10 instead you can really tell a difference in how long you can last. This is a great product for anyone looking to last longer (and who isn't) and one that we would definitely recommend!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Good product Submitted 10/26/2017
This product is good for prolonged action. Good product.
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