Tenga Egg 6 Pack

Tenga Egg 6 Pack

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Only 8 in Stock!
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Uniquely Gratifying Masturbation!

Amazing and discrete Tenga Eggs contain 6 different pleasurable masturbation sleeves! A new Japanese creation of great innovation and incredible design, these nifty little eggs may seem innocent, but they pack a a hefty punch!

These egg masturbators are easy to use: peel the wrapper, open the white plastic eggshell and take out the Tenga Egg sleeve. Each soft, egg-shaped masturbation sleeve offers a unique patterned internal texture. Ribs, nubs and bumps sensually massage your penis. Unbelievably stretchable, the masturbation sleeves contained in each egg casing expand to fit the whole penis, maximizing your pleasure. Discreet and compact, the Tenga Eggs are simple and easy to use.

• Easy grip design
• Tight, textured interior creates a stunning sensation
• Closed end for super suction sensations
• Great travelling companion
• Prelubricated and disposable

2.5 inches
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
1.75 inches
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Mr. and Mrs. Pegging Life
Great Eggspectations Submitted 6/24/2011
Tenga Eggs are super-stretchy egg-shaped masturbators with a hole in the base and stimulating patterns on the inside. They are designed to be single use, but with a little washing, they can be used a few times before discarding. The opening is only about a half an inch wide but it can easily be stretched enough to fit my fist inside. The snug fit of the opening keeps any body fluids inside the egg. They also are very handy while traveling (yes, they are TSA safe in checked baggage). Inside the egg is a foil packet with an ample supply of thick, super slippery lube inside. I suggest squeezing most of the lube inside the egg and rolling the toy between your palms to spread it around. Put the rest on your shaft and insert the head into the opening. Grab the egg with your hand and masturbate normally. The material will easily stretch to the base of your shaft without making you feel too constricted on the inside. The different designs provide different sensations. While it was difficult to tell exactly what the design was, there was a discernible difference between the styles. I especially enjoyed the “Stepper” with the little crescent shapes arranged in alternating directions. The concentric rings of the “Wavy” were quite nice too. All of them are sure to make you feel good.
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