The Clitoral Kiss

The Clitoral Kiss

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Bestselling Guide to Oral Lovemaking!

This compact book is a guide into the sensual realm of oral lovemaking. The tastes, the smells, the touches, and even the sounds are a part of an erotic art  both primal and sophisticated, intensely serious yet spontaneously playful. I invite you and your lover to share your bodies, minds, and hearts in a basic human expression: the kiss, clitoral or anywhere else you so desire.”  – Kenneth Ray Stubbs

The Clitoral Kiss A 48 page guide to oral pleasures for men and women. Black and white illustrations.

Male, Female
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The Romantic Ones
An essential handbook for Oral Lovers Submitted 9/30/2009
Oral sex is a large part of our love life and I wanted to kick it up a notch and surprise my wife with some new techniques. I purchased the Clitoral Kiss and read it through. The book is for both partners and covers many different techniques for fellatio and cunnilingus, many that we hadn’t tried before and we have been together for 25 years. And I consider my wife an oral artist. If you want a how-to book that describes new adventures in oral sex and you are up for learning and trying new things, this is the book for you. It not only explains how to perform, but it also tells you what you are trying may smell or taste like. An example of something different is something I saw in a Better Sex video which was to suck on a mint before “going down”. This is interesting but if you overload your partner with the mint as I did, it numbed my wife and it took a while for her to get all tingly again so be careful and just suck on the mint for a few seconds. All in all though it is a great handbook for a adventurous couple that loves oral as much as we do.
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The Clitoral kiss Submitted 11/12/2015
Had fun with new ideas
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