The Original Venus Butterfly

The Original Venus Butterfly

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Enjoy a hands-free orgasm with The Original Venus Butterfly Wearable Vibrator!This butterfly is placed perfectly on your clitoris courtesy of soft fabric leg and waist straps. Controlled with a thumbwheel, the strong egg vibrator is encased in a soft jelly material for just the right stimulation and comfort. The Venus Butterfly is discreet enough to wear under your clothes!

• Clitoral stimulation to drive you wild
• Discreet appearence hides perfectly
• Multi-speed vibrator adds a tantalizing effect
• Requires 2 AA batteries, sold separately

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

California Exotic Novelties
Control Type:
Push Button
Disguised, Travel Size
3.5 inches
100% Phthalate-Free, TPR (Thermoplastic Resin)
Power Source:
Replaceable Battery
3.5 inches
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Fluttering Frisky Fun Submitted 5/31/2009
The original venus butterfly works pretty much exactly as it was intended. At first it may be a little tricky to figure out how to get it positioned right. It seems like there should be an instruction sheet with all the straps and stuff, but once you figure it out, its not difficult. The vibration level has a good range from low to medium. It could stand to go a bit higher when trying to achieve orgasm, but for teasing and foreplay it works great as is. The little "nose" on the top of the butterfly does a good job of transmitting vibrations to the clit. Since this toy works so great for teasing and foreplay, I do wish it had some more advanced vibration modes though. While it may be a bit awkward to walk with it on, it works well under clothes for hidden pleasure. We had lots of fun cuddling and watching a movie while I randomly turned it on and off. After an hour of teasing she couldn't take any more and dragged me to the bedroom! Overall its a very fun toy if you like being in control and being able to drive her crazy.
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Mrs. Z. Right
A dream comes true...kinda Submitted 9/15/2009
Ever since I discovered the world of sex toys, I wanted a Venus Butterfly. She did not disappoint me. The first time we played, it was multiple orgasms and exhaustion! Now comes the “kinda”. I’m a voluptuous woman; gratefully the Butterfly is a sturdy perfectly sized butterfly. Sadly the straps she came with were not Plus size friendly. The best part about them? They detached from Venus with easy snaps. I removed the straps and Venus and I were able to play in bed. I wanted to know if she would fit into place and stay while I was moving around without the straps. I am happy to say that she stayed in place with only my underwear holding her on. Yes, her cord could be longer; yes, the straps could be more substantial and have extenders that could be added by those of us with Rubenesque appeal. Yet she still packs her intended punch and knocks you off your feet. She is also very quiet. I dream of the day she comes in wireless form and Mr. Right can have the control’s….sigh…the future is bright!
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Mr and Mrs Curious
Very Enjoyable Submitted 8/19/2009
I have to say that this item didn't seem like it would thrill me at first. However, I found that the butterfly knows how to get things done! My hubby and I decided to try it out while watching a movie one evening. He of course insisted on being in control of the butterfly remote. So while we sat and cuddled during the movie, I was intermittently surprised with an increasingly intense vibration of my clit. Finally after what seemed like hours of teasing, my husband graciously allowed the butterfly to take me over the edge. Because of the teasing, my clit was so sensitive it didn't take long until I was cumming! I had to have my husband and we proceeded to the bedroom to finish the night off right! My only complaint with this item is that the straps seem very flimsy.
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Evolution of fun Submitted 9/1/2009
I have tried several versions of butterfly vibes, and this is by far the best when it comes to a fluttering friend. When I first stripped it from its box I was confused by the straps, but hubby took a look at it and put X,Y and Z together to give me a WOW! The vibe is strong and relatively quiet. And the adjustable straps fit around my plus size frame very comfortably, and the butterfly molded perfectly to all my erogenous zones. The only downfall I see to this little guy at all is that the remote is wired. There cannot be surprising buzzes from across the room. But as long as you go into the purchasing knowing that, you will definitely have a thrill from this novelty.
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Good vibrations, bad fit. Submitted 9/15/2009
Beautiful and powerful, this lovely butterfly promised to be an exciting toy for Us. We were disappointed. While it was strong and had more than enough power to bring Her to multiple orgasms, the straps are not sized for a woman of any size, the wings sent vibrations to all the wrong places, and the body was too bulky to allow Her to wear this toy around the house, let alone in public. It was noisy and uncomfortable. We tried using panties to hold the butterfly in place, but it did not vibrate any of the right places- We simply removed the straps and used it as a quite spectacular hand-held toy. For hands on play, it is quite nice- but it is designed to be a hands-free toy, and it lends itself poorly to this. It was noisy and uncomfortable, and while We may use it as a handheld, there are much better toys to use for this purpose.
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Nudist At Heart
Lots of Fun Submitted 9/14/2009
I have to admit, I was a little suspicious about this when I first took it out of the box. Like a previous post mentioned, I too had some trouble figuring out the straps, but with a little trial and error I got it. This vibe is very strong and really does a great job of getting me in the mood. The "tail" and "head" hit me in just the right spots and I really enjoyed the feeling of it right next to my body. This is a good vibe for those who want to try something different and for those who like strong vibrations.
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Mr. & Mrs. Kentch
Disappointed Submitted 10/7/2009
The Mr. talked me into getting the Venus Butterfly and we were both disappointed in it. It didn't give vibrations to the right places, in fact the only pleasure that I got from it was when I held it myself and put it where it needed to go. I wouldn't have gotten anything out of it if I would've let it go on its own. We also didn't like that the remote was wired and attached to the toy. My husband did like being able to control the vibrations though. I also thought that it was very loud, so there is no way that you could secretly wear this out in public. The straps are quite stretchy but if you're a bigger girl it may not fit. I'm not big, but average and I loosened the straps as much as I could and the leg straps were a little tight.
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Ecstacy from a tiny little package! Submitted 9/20/2009
The stimulation was just subtle enough to use for hours, without being too much stimulation, like other massagers. The clitoral stimulation and vibrations were ecstatic. It worked well under clothing, but the corded remote was hard to conceal and it was just a little too noisy to wear secretly in public. Other than that, this little butterfly is a great little friend.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Why is there still corded toys? Submitted 1/1/2020
Cord is short and is always getting tangled when switching positions. Sold as something you can wear under clothes, but would be hard to hide. Straps are cheap made and not nearly adjustable enough. Wife did enjoy the level of stimulation after removing the straps and manipulating it by hand. It is worth the money, but would be worth a lot more if it was cordless and had better straps.
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