Tickle His Pickle

Tickle His Pickle

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A Guide to the Penis!

Ever wish he came with an instruction manual? Well here it is; a light, informative guide to the penis and how to use it.145 fact filled pages with techniques, tips and stories to make you an expert in pleasure - both yours and his! Written by Sadie Allison, author of award winning bestsellers Toygasms! The Insider's Guide to Sex Toys and Techniques and Tickle Your Fancy: A Woman's Guide to Self Pleasure.

Tickle Kitty Press
Genre :
Oral Sex, Fellatio (blow jobs)
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Jamie J.
Fantastic Book Submitted 9/5/2007
If you want to know all the ins and outs of giving your guy the best blow job imaginable, this book is for you. Written in a very down-to-earth fashion it sounds like one of your girlfriend's talking animately to you and covering all the basics as well as extra pointers. Since I used to give lessons at bachellorette parties I've looked through quite a few books on the subject and this is easily one of the best.
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WITH A SMILE :) Submitted 2/9/2008
My fiancee never really liked to give me head. I know this is a problem for a bunch of guys/couples. BUT after we got this book, she learned "how" to enjoy and different techniques to do. She now enjoys teasing me orally before and during play. Thanks to this book, we have been able to expand our limits even farther than before. I can't tell you in words, the feeling of happiness she now enjoys knowing that she has just pleased me and she herself enjoyed the process. This makes the fun all the more pleasurable for the both of us. Even if this is not a problem area for you, or a couple, we would recommend this book for advancing your techniques and pleasures.
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Excellent Submitted 9/24/2008
I think that everyone can learn something from Tickle His Pickle, I did. I never knew exactly what he likes and doesn't like or what order to do things in. All he would say was that "It all feels good." This book taught me how to figure out how to make him REALLY like oral sex. I love knowing that I made him feel that good!
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Jessie Beth
Best for those inexperienced. Submitted 2/1/2010
Tickle His Pickle was mildly disappointing for me. I had read the book hoping to get tips, ideas and/or pointers that would be new to me. Something that would make me go "oh!" However, it was not to be. This book however, would be excellent for those new to penis pleasing or new to sexual experience period. Sadie Allison does a wonderful job emphasizing the importance of communication and safety. More to her credit she also talks a little about uncircumcised penises, which in this day and age is hard to find. It is written in a fun, easy to understand way with diagrams to help illustrate pointers and positions, and also talks about anal play. I suggest this book for those who would consider themselves beginners, rather than intermediate or advanced sexual players.
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Holy Cow! Submitted 7/6/2011
Okay, I have heard people tell me what a great book this is and OOFTA! They were so right. There was advice that even my dirty mind couldn't come up with!! It was sexy, playful, and a great read all together.
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Verified Purchase
Funny and explanatory! Submitted 12/10/2017
A great read! Well written. Would love to have had this book and info in it years ago.
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Verified Purchase
Glad I purchased Submitted 4/28/2020
Very well written. Most marriages could be improved if women would read and learn to pleasure their husbands just a little.
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