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Toys for Better Sex

Toys for Better Sex

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Sue Johanson, host of Talk Sex on the Oxygen Network, called Toys For Better Sex "an excellent video and a comprehensive guide on how to use adult sex toys to their - and your - best advantage".

Explore new ideas for greater intimacy and arousal with this erotic, breakthrough guide to sex toys for couples. Watch as couples demonstrate the newest dildos, vibrators, pleasure balls, specialty attachments, and anal plugs. This video can help add new playful delight to your lovemaking. Toys For Better Sex contains explicit demonstrations to help you and your partner expand your sexual pleasure and find your lover’s hot spots! America’s leading sexuality experts provide guidance and perspective on ways to heighten orgasmic intensity. See sex toys to help him last longer, add texture, girth or length to his penis, and ways to experience “the eternal erection.” This video helps you understand how to use toys to explore fantasies such as ménage a trios or double penetration.

Running time: Approximately 80 minutes.

Male, Female
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80 mins
Sinclair Institute
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Excellent Video! Submitted 3/16/2005
The Toys for Better Sex Video is an outstanding video. High quality production values, very attractive couples, and very detailed and graphic demonstrations. The demonstrations are very interesting and all the products that are demonstrated on this video are also sold on this website. So, if you are looking for the perfect toy, this is video is a great way to start. Also, the DVD includes behind the scenes material.
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A great place to start Submitted 7/10/2008
My wife and I have been using sex toys to enhance our love making for several years now, so I was skeptical when I went to start this DVD. Thankfully we decided to watch it anyway. It discussed sevral topics (such as anal play) that we had both been thinking about, but didn't know how to approach the subject. It helped us to open up to new things we may not have experienced if we hadn't watched the DVD. It is a great movie for beginners and experts alike!
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Lovers from Texas
Toys for adults. Submitted 8/6/2008
This video covers myths about toys (i.e. they replace the real thing). There is a brief history lesson of vibrators and penetration toys. There is a discussion about new technology with size, shape, color, material, and texture. There are multiple demonstrations using ecstasy balls, butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, rabbits, waterproof vibes, travel size vibes, butterflies, cock rings, male masturbator sleeves, PPA (Prosthetic Penile Apparatus) a.k.a strap-on, constriction bands, and cock rings with bullet vibes or clit ticklers. These demonstrations show just how the large variety of toys can be used solo, as a couple, and as aids to fulfilling some fantasies. We have a fairly large collection of toys. This video showed us how to maximize our pleasure with them and each other. There is also a brief how to shop for the right toy lesson. Also there is a behind the scenes featurette.
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Great Ideas Submitted 9/5/2008
This video, Toys for Better Sex, if full of toy ideas. Toys for masturbation, or for couples together. You see couples dempnstrate dozens of toys, which shows you how to use them. The ideas on how to experience the eternal erection really caught my attention and helped sex for me and my husband last longer!
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Good DVD Submitted 9/28/2006
Great dvd and thoroughly covers all the basics about using toys both on yourself and your partner. If you are a novice with toys, then this a great dvd for you to learn about all the different options you have in the world of toys.
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Wonderfully Educational! Submitted 6/21/2008
The Toys for Better Sex DVD is a must for anyone interested in trying toys for the first time or for the adventurous looking for new toys . Great presentation on how to use and share each toy demonstrated. Makes you want to buy a bigger toy chest. Highly recommend.
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A Great Start for a Beginner Submitted 6/30/2008
I must preface this review by saying that me and my significant other are very new to the sex toy world. After viewing this video, I would highly recommend this video to anyone that is beginning an exploration into sex toys. The video goes through almost every type of sex toys for beginners and there are great clips of couples showing you how to properly use them, including the G-spot orgasm (which was amazing to see and something my g/f and i will be exploring very shortly). If you are unsure where to start your sex toy collection, this video will help guide you to the pleasure you desire.
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Very Helpful! Submitted 7/11/2008
I am a new member to the buzz team, so this is my first review. I was sent the video titled “Toys for Better Sex”. The video was very enlightening and very much educational. I can honestly say, “I didn’t know there were that many gadgets in the world now a days to help couples stimulate their sex lives”. The video really demonstrated the proper use of each toy and its purpose. Every actor actually showed their true companionship towards one another and their excitement in reaching their climax. I know there is someone out there like me, who would appreciate the help in achieving a real orgasm.
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Mac & Tessa
Great ideas! Submitted 7/23/2008
This video was great as a starting point for those of us who don't know much about the toys available. It was also very educational as far as using the toys we already have! At first, I expected it to be some sort of video catalog for products, but it was very informational and not boring in the least! We're looking forward to utilizing this video and the products demonstrated!
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Helped Me get conferrable! Submitted 10/8/2009
I love this video, the brief history of sex toys really helped open my mind to trying them. It helped me with getting to know what toys are good were. Plus it made a good turn on for me.
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