Triple Orgasm Erection Enhancer

Triple Orgasm Erection Enhancer

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Works three ways for couples' complete pleasure!

his innovative sex toy acts as a regular penis ring and it vibrates in two places for an incredible feeling. The soft silicone ring stretches snugly around his penis for stronger, longer-lasting erections exactly when you want them. And the pleasure bumps at the base add texture for even more thrills.

• Super soft and stretchy material for your pleasure
• Made from strong yet stretchy rubber
• Flexible to squeeze around almost any size
• Multi-speed vibrator adds a tantalizing effect
• Great for spicing up your travels
• Squeezes at all the right spots for bigger and longer lasting erections
• Clitoral stimulation to drive her wild
• Ticklers at both ends double her pleasure
• Batteries included (6 watch, 12 included)
• 3.5" x 1.5" (enhancer) and 2.5" x 0.75" (stimulator)

Enjoy stimulation on all your and your partner's most sensitive spots with the Silicone Triple Orgasm Penis Ring. This double-vibrating toy is more than just a penis ring - it's a uniquely-designed toy that targets the clitoris and anus with pinpoint vibrations during sex. It's the perfect couples sex toy.

The soft silicone ring stretches snugly around his penis for stronger, longer-lasting erections exactly when you want them. And the pleasure bumps at the base add texture for even more thrills. Separate ticklers at either end nestle against the clitoris and anus for stimulation with every thrust. But to make the sensations truly spectacular, slip the powerful removable bullets into the specially-designed loops for targeted vibrations that will drive the both of you wild. If you like, remove one or both bullets and run them over your partner's hot spots for sheer erotic pleasure.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

California Exotic Novelties
Control Type:
Push Button
Disguised, Travel Size
3.5 inches
100% Phthalate-Free, TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
Power Source:
Replaceable Battery
1.5 inches
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Funny Feeling Submitted 5/2/2007
Saw the other reviewer's note and had to comment. When my boyfriend came out of the bathroom wearing the buzzing Silicone Triple Orgasm Cock Ring I just about fell off the bed laughing. He was pretty proud of himself (ladies you know what I am talking about), so he started to get mad at me for laughing while pointing at this adult sex toy. I stopped laughing when that vibratoring adult sex toy hit me just in the right spot (ladies you know what I am talking about again). Never orgasmed with anything inside me bfore. The other guy got it right, This adult sex toy is "amazing".
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LOTS OF FUN! Submitted 7/26/2007
This toy is accurately named "Triple Orgasm". It's amazing how much a funny looking little thing can enhance your sexual experience! The extended "ticklers" reach all of the right places and the vibrations are very powerful, unlike some other vibrating toys. An adjustment of positions can switch things up and vary the areas of stimulation for both of us. This cock ring is as much fun for him as it is for her!!! NOTE: The size of this cock ring is a little larger than some others and may not fit tightly enough for a penis that's a little on the small or "thin" side of average.
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Fun at first Submitted 8/18/2007
This toy was really fun to begin with. From putting it on to rocking on it! But when all send and done with I prefer a constant vibe; instead it was more of a tease! Plus I am a small lady that the length of the cock ring over porjected the areas I wanted stimulated.
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Fred & Wilma
Wowee!! Submitted 9/18/2007
Even though we thought that it looked a bit strange, it did the trick. We loved the vibrations although they did seem a bit intense at first. The silcone was very soft and comfortable to wear. Something that we will definitely use regularly.
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J & S in IN
Worth a try Submitted 9/26/2007
This is very comfortable but the vibrators seem to be very intense, they cannot be adjusted its either on or off. It did hit the right spots for her but it would be better if the vibrators were able to be adjusted. It was fun to play with overall.
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The Playful Couple
Good....but huge Submitted 5/25/2008
We enjoyed this one greatly. I have a very large penis, and unlike other vibrating rings, it doesn't squeeze too tightly. My wife likes anal play and, of course, clitoral stimulation. This touches both of her outer hot buttons. The only downside, if you consider it that, is the vibrators. They only have one speed... super fast. For my wife, it was good, but for some, it may be too much. Overall though, good.
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Double your Pleasure! Submitted 8/28/2013
My boyfriend and I just love using this toy together! The dual vibrating stimulators feel great with one buzzing your clit and pussy, and the other buzzing your anus! Plus, it turns his whole cock into a vibrator!
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Forever in Love
Buzz Buzz Submitted 9/7/2007
A stimulating experience. While we wouldn't want to use this all of the time, it certainly added sensitivity and heightened awareness for both of us. Easy to wear with no discomfort for either of us. No hair pulling! Would be nice if the vibes were variable speeds so it isn't all or nothing. We will use it again...and again...and again. A word of caution. Make sure you take the time to load the batteries and such before you're ready to use it as it takes a couple minutes to get them in right. And, don't take out the plastic insert from inside the vibes. It's supposed to be there. :)
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Mr. and Mrs. K
Not what expected Submitted 9/22/2007
This toy seemed to be fun when we first tried it, but it didn't work as well as we thought. My husband liked the vibrating sensation that it provided for him. I, on the other hand, did not experience very much pleasure. It was difficult for me to appreciated the tease of the vibrations on my clitoris and anus, when I am more of a constant vibrator girl. There are so many good review on this toy, that if I were you, I would try it for myself.
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Really Happy Submitted 9/8/2008
This wasn’t our first cockring we've tried, but it sure is our favorite so far. She really enjoyed that it was big enough to make sure that the tails were hitting her in the right spot. We've had problems with smaller cockrings that once you get going; you have to concentrate too much to keep the vibrators hitting the clit. That isn’t the case with this item! The two vibrators are very strong, and can be used with or without the ring. We tend to get her warmed up with just the vibrator, and then use the cockring to finish it off. The batteries are easy to replace, which is always important to us. The one thing this item doesn’t do is squeeze on the penis hard enough to prolong erection, which is the only reason it gets 4 hearts. It is a pretty easy cockring to clean and I imagine it would fit on any girth of a penis. I was pleasantly surprised that she actually enjoyed anus vibrator and I think that had to do with the size of the tail and it hitting the right spot during intercourse. We are big fans of products that can be used during actual intercourse, and this has quickly become a favorite. At first I was hesitant because when you pull it out of the package you think its way too big! But in the end, it actually works better since it is big than those other cockrings that are smaller. We enjoyed this cockring a lot and are happy we finally purchased it.
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