Ultimate Douch

Ultimate Douch

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Ultimate Douche
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Product Description

Make Douching Simple and Satisfying!

Enjoyable way to keep you clean where it matters most. Reusable douche system is a comfortable alternative to unpleasant harsh douches.

  • Simple reusable douche system
  • For body safe, hygienically superior cleaning & prep
  • Control water flow with 5 inch tall squeeze bottle base
  • Comes with 2 bi-directional, screw mount applicator nozzles
  • 3 inch tall nozzles are approximately .5 inch wide and .25 inch wide
  • Holds up to 5.5 fluid ounces
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning & maintenance

The Ultimate Douche is a powerful reusable douche system made for every anal pleasure seeker. It includes a squeeze bottle and 2 different applicator nozzles.

Never again worry about little accidents spoiling the mood. Instead, this easy-to-use squeeze bottle gives you a superior cleaning experience. 

Your choice of 2 applicator nozzles, one slim and one that is thicker, gives you the size that is right for you. Each nozzle lets you effortlessly control water flow and stimulation. Most people douche with gentle warm water (never hot), and some add a mild soap for extra cleanliness and peace of mind.

The Ultimate Douche is easy-to-use, easy-to-clean and can be disinfected. Prior to and after each use, wash probe and bottle internally and externally with warm water and soap, then disinfect with your favorite sex toy cleaner.

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