Under-The-Bed Restraint System

Under-The-Bed Restraint System

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Make Your Bed A Fantasy Playground In Minutes!

It only takes minutes to turn your own bed into a landscape for your wildest fantasies with these versatile sex straps! They fit right under the mattress! Easy to install, easy to use, and easy to hide away between uses.

  • Fits under the mattress
  • Adjustable straps and plush cuffs with velcro closures
  • Ready in minutes with easy installation

Take a walk on the wild side with this playful Under The Bed Restraint System! It’s designed to fit under any size bed or between the mattress and box springs, so there’s no complicated hardware installation. No headboard, footboard or any other equipment needed. You and your partner can satisfy your most secret erotic desires without any fuss or lengthy preparation.

4 adjustable restraint straps – 2 for the wrists and 2 for the ankles – snap onto a 60” center strap that goes right under the mattress or bed. Tuck the restraint straps under each corner of your bed, then when the right moment comes for wickedly fun fantasy play, just pull out the restraint straps. The cuffs snap right onto the straps’ metal rings. The cuffs are soft and lined with plush so there’s no chafing and they stay comfortable for longer play. Velcro closures make them easy to fasten and unfasten. And when the fun’s over, just tuck the restraint straps back under the mattress – they’re ready and waiting for next time! If you’ve always wanted to explore restraint fantasies, there’s no easier way than this complete, simple system.

Flexible, Padded, Quick Release
Male, Female
60 inches
Nylon/Velcro, Velcro, Polypropylene
4 inches
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Prepare to Dominate! Submitted 10/25/2007
A little apprehensve at first, but we decided to try it out. This kit was just this ticket. We were concerned that it wouldn't work on our king size bed, but it fit just fine. The straps are stong and the cuffs are very soft and comfortable. We'd give it two thumbs up....if we could lift them :)
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Torture yourself with pleasure! Submitted 9/11/2010
The hubby and I had wanted to try a little light bondage when I suggested we pick up the Under the Bed restraint system by SportSheets. I had a couple of friends who had purchased this item and they swore by it. We had tried some Japanese love cuffs before, and felt that we were ready to move up to something that could restrain both my legs and my hands. When we brought this product home, the first thing that we noticed was how easy it was to install on any bed. Our bed doesn't have a nice headboard to attach cuffs to, so this set was perfect. All you have to do is place the "I" shaped strap under your mattress and adjust the arm and leg straps to the desired length and attach the cuffs. From there, it was ready to use! The cuffs are of a soft material and don't leave any marks on your wrists or ankles no matter how much you "struggle." I love this set because it gives me a feeling of helplessness without hurting me. The hubby loves it because it allows him to watch me squirm and struggle while he teases to his hearts content. If you're looking to test out some bondage play, but don't want anything too intimidating or permanent, pick up this restraint set. I am so glad that I did!!
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Mr. & Mrs. Goodlovin
Much more than bondage Submitted 7/7/2008
We’ve always wanted to try a little bondage but didn’t really care for the feel of rope or neckties. These straps were perfect. The cuffs are almost luxuriously soft so it’s comfortable for even prolonged use. The installation was simple even for our heavy king-size bed and since it can stay under the mattress we can pull out the restraints at a moment’s notice. But the straps can be used for so much more than restraining. We’ve found that with a little creativity with the cuff latches and strap lengths the whole system can be used to facilitate some incredible sex positions. It can be tiring holding certain positions or angles for a long time. Let the straps hold you so you can focus on enjoying yourself! We would recommend this product for ALL couples, not just those looking to experiment with bondage!**Submitted by Mr. & Mrs. Goodlovin**
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ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Submitted 2/21/2008
This thing was so amazing, do I have a story to tell you! The first night that we got this my husdand really wanted to use it, so on his way home i texted him and said "I was a BAD GIRL and spent my lunch hour shopping. You can spank me later." He didn't reply but he sure did when i got home! When i arrived i called him and he didnt answer so i went to the bedroom and he had the system set up and there was candles all around with the light low. it was so romatic! Although it turned into a JUNGLE. He had never did me like that before. All positions were so easy to do. We were in there for 2 and a half hours and i was so loving it, that we completley forgot about dinner. And if he was strapped in i could easily give him one of the best blowjobs ever!!!!!!!!!! This is a must buy!
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Submission 101 Submitted 3/10/2009
Feeling a little adventurous, but not sure how far you are willing to go? This under the bed restraint system is a great starting point. The cuffs are comfortable but effective! I am 5'5" and my hubby 6'0" and on a king size bed, we can still make this work for us both. Tease and please to your heart's content! Feeling domineering? Lock down your lover and fulfill a fantasy. Lover shy and not quite willing to let loose? These restraints can make even the most coy lady come unglued! This is a great way to learn what your lover wants but is unwilling to verbally communicate. Add a blindfold and bring your favorite edible treats and sex toys and you are bound to have a good time. Just come up with a mutual safe word that really means STOP and then enjoy sexploration at a whole new level!
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first timer loves bondage Submitted 11/2/2007
put this on our bed without telling my wife...got her into bed and put the cuffs on her and she was totally surprised as we have never talked about bondage we had the most intense forplay we have ever had!!! her not being able to use her hands made her use her mouth/tounge more intensly all the time i was giving her a rim job and fingering her pussy then i fucked her really hard and shot my load all over her cute face and hot body BEST SEX WE HAVE EVER HAD THANKS TO THIS KIT now we use it all the time and she even tied me up with it thanks so much!!!
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LOVE THIS Submitted 6/25/2012
The ankle and wrist straps are soft and it hides itself so well. Plus it really does hold like its supposed to, the straps do not unadjust themeselves as some other restaint products do.
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The Playful Couple
The Best Restraints We've Ever Tried! Submitted 4/30/2009
Though we aren't BDSM professionals, my wife and I do dabble from time to time. Hey fun is fun, no matter what flavor it is. The Under-The-Bed Restraint System is Delicious! We've tried the sheets, using silk rope and neckties, and ultimately, this system works perfectly for us. Upon opening the package, we both thought it might be too much for us. Truth be told, it looks like serious gear. It is a series of straps that anchor to a central metal loop. These long straps can be adjusted to any size mattress. Basically, they go under the bed, or, like we did, can be discretely placed in between the mattress and box spring. The attachable wrist and ankle cuffs are fully adjustable to accommodate any size person. The straps are easily lengthened and shortened by sliding the "mountain climberesque" buckles.. Essentially to tighten them, just pull the loose end of the strap, and to loosen them, lift the buckle and pull the restraint side. The ends can be positioned any way you see fit (sides of the mattress, head and foot of the mattress, or any combination in between. They are strong, comfortable, and easy to unhook, or peel off, should the need arise. It is serious gear with a functional application. Now, having said all of that, I must say they are great for any couple, but perfect for couples who don't live alone. Having kids, sex toys, porn, and anything we want to remain secret, discretion is key. Well, at least until they decide to go snooping. We placed the system between the mattress and box spring. This way, if things escalate during our sex play, we can simply slide our hands under the mattress and pull out the cuffs. It's fast, functional, discreet and sexy. For us, this system is a perfect fit. We aren't heavily into bondage, but when we do feel like taking a stroll down the figurative dark alley, we can in seconds. A+ from us. Truly a great product!
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awesome Submitted 12/26/2012
Easy to set up and be ready for action
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
should work Submitted 12/29/2015
at lest it fits our king size bed. we haven't tried out the restraints yet
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