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Vacurect Penis Pump

Vacurect Penis Pump

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For Harder Erections!

The Vacurect OTC Penis Pump is more than just a pump; it's a revolutionary vacuum therapy device that produces a longer, stronger erection.

  • Simplest model available to use.
  • Incorporates medical-grade components.
  • Unique Tension System to give you a longer and stronger erection

This one-piece system uses an innovative double-sealing Tension System that maintains your erection after pumping more effectively than the usual penis rings. Each Vacurect comes complete with 5 sizes of Tension rings that slip over your penis and attach firmly to the bottom of the Vacurect pump. This forms a double seal that easily creates a vacuum with a natural pumping action. The pumping is easy because the medical-grade Vacurect pump is pre-oiled for a smooth action.

After only 10-15 strokes, you'll notice a firmer erection. When you've finished pumping, a light squeeze on the tube releases the vacuum, while the Tension ring maintains your longer, harder erection. After intercourse, simply remove the Tension ring.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

Control Type:
Pump System
Travel Size
Waterproof, Travel Size
8 inches
High Grade Silicone
1.75 inches
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Best VED Submitted 12/21/2006
In my opinion, the Vacurect vacuum erection device (VED) is the very best. I have been using an Erecaid System Esteem model VED for over three years. Although it has done the job, it has some shortcomings. The worst is that it has a tendency to draw my scrotum and a testicle up into the tube. As the air seal is between the tube opening and the body, pubic hair can be a problem in getting and maintaining this seal. Also the snapping of the tension ring off of the tube and onto the penis is unpleasant. A magazine advertisement first drew my attention to the Vacurect VED. The superior feature is the tension ring system. It seals to the penis shaft, not to the body and so will not draw in scrotum or testicle and pubic hair will not affect its use. Since it is on the penis from the start, the snapping of a ring from tube to penis is bypassed. An additional good point is that the nuisance of loading the ring onto the tube is eliminated. The Erecaid does have some features missing on the Vacurect. It does not have a vacuum release valve. The tube and pump are one assembly so that the tube can not be cleaned with hot soapy water as can the Erecaid. There are no length markings, but these are easily added with a permanent marker pen.
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The Joneses
Perfect for everyone Submitted 3/23/2009
If you are in the market to find a product that will create a stronger erection or just want to increase your size, this is perfect for you. I wish I would have had the Vacurect when I made the Clone a Willy. The kit comes with a wide variety of different diameter cock rings to ensure a truly customized experience. I love that all you have to do is lube up and the unit simply sucks you in. It feels so good that I start to get an erection before I even get started. There is no cock ring to fuss with prior to use like other pumps. I also felt like that the Vacurect is safer to use than other cock pumps because it will let air in if you pump too much of a vacuum. It creates suction around your penis instead of the base of the penis, so hair is almost of no concern and it will not hurt your testicles. I also liked that it can be used with one hand; you hold it and pump at the same time. No air hoses or pumps to deal with. The instruction booklet is very informative and be sure to read the notes, warnings, and cautions, which are very informative. I have noticed that after only a few uses that the head of my penis seems to be a little larger in diameter, and my erections are much harder. This is made so well that you could probably use it in your younger years to get a larger penis and I bet it would last till the time when you need it for ED. Any unit that is constructed this well and is medical grade will come with a high price tag, but you get what you pay for. ~The Joneses
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Clearance & Candy
Pump me up Submitted 2/25/2009
This pump system is a beautiful piece of engineering with a sleek compact design. I have only used one other VED before and on that one the cyber skin seal was easy to break and then the seal actually tore making it useless after only 2 uses. There are no hoses to connect and the constriction ring is put on the penis prior to using. Once it has been pumped up and an erection obtained it is really simple to remove. The constriction ring was slightly uncomfortable, but this is to be expected with this type of device. This VED is not a masturbator! This is a serious tool for those with ED and can give you back something you have been missing with ED. This pump system is simply a well designed tool that is built to last and is easy to use.
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Ace or Mustache
My Wife Recommends This! Submitted 9/26/2010
I have tried a series of cock rings, pills etc. This is an amazing product, I am 54, don't have a problem getting hard, staying hard is an issue though, until I found this product. Bigger, no, harder, YES, thicker, YES, my wife want every woman to buy this for their husband...I have never written a review on a sex product but this is amazing and addictive. HARD, HARD, HARD!!! Buy will love it! (at least your wife will).
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This is not a toy Submitted 12/10/2009
I use this for ED from Prostate cancer surgery.This unit is for serious ED. This is the OTC unit which is the same as the prescription unit only hundreds of dollars less. The description video is incorrect in that it shows the ring being placed down over the penis, then putting the pump over the penis and onto the ring. The ring is actually snapped onto the bottom of the pump. The unit is then pressed to the head of the penis and pumping begins. The penis is then sucked into the pump. After several pumps I take the pump off and slide the ring further down the now mostly erect penis about 1/2 in.. This gives me a longer and larger erection. My wife loves it, especially in rear entry and woman on top positions. I would have say that my Vacurect erection give me about an extra inch in girth and length than my pre-surgery erection. It has also helped counter the penile shrinkage of the prostate removal surgery. This is an excellent pump.
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increased sensitivity Submitted 9/2/2010
The constriction rings are the easiest to use and most effective of any device I've ever tried. As I've grown older (I'm 72) I've had more difficulty achieving climax. Evidently the loss of sensitivity was partly due to a weaker, less rigid, less engorged penis. The vacurect pump enlarges my penis and the constricting ring maintains the enlargement causing sensitivity similar to when I was in my 40's. My wife smiles a lot now and I'm quite pleased with the vacurect pump.
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Brumi From Canada
Great Product Submitted 12/31/2014
I have had 37 bouts of external radiation for prostate cancer, At first I had no problem with ED. However, as time goes on after external radiation, ED becomes more evident. In my case it has been 8 years since my radiation. Now I can achieve a soft erection. Five years ago I purchased the Vacurect Penis Pump. It was the best $200 I have ever spent. It provides an erection that is not only hard but it also lasts for a good twenty minutes. The pump comes with 5 rings and a small bottle of silicone oil. Do not oil the pump for at least three months. Over oiling the pump will cause it to loose suction. There are three rubber seals that after time will require replacement. I have replaced my seals three times. It can be a problem replacing the oversize ring. you have to use a plastic gadget to pull the ring into place before you can slide the pump sleeve over the oversize ring before you reassemble the pump it is essential to lubricate the rings with silicone oil, to do so place a small amount of oil on a lint free rag and smoothly rub a small amount of oil over each ring. Do not try to soak the rings with oil, doing so will cause the pump to fail after a short time. The pump also comes with a carrying case. If you suffer from ED, buy this pump! You will not regret it nor will your wife, girlfriend, or your hand. Have a good wank and enjoy the results.
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THE RINGS Submitted 12/4/2007
Basically the system functions good. My problems is with the rings. If I use a larger ring the erection does not last long, if I use a smaller ring it is a little uncomfortable and difficult to get off. I wish there was a better way or design to get the smaller rings off. Has anyone else experienced this situation?
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Effective and easy to use Submitted 3/16/2010
This device is very effective at helping you to attain a thick and usable erection. The Mrs. thought it was pretty bizarre looking, but she loves the results. One disappointment was that the range of sizes of the constriction rings provided was inadequate. I am somewhat thick and was unable to use the device as shipped. The manufacturer quickly shipped me the largest ring at no additional cost. While still a bit tight, it is effective. It is constrictive enough that I don't have a normal ejaculation. If they had made the device about 1/4" larger in diameter it would be more comfortable for me. When I withdraw the pump before intercourse, the head of my penis catches a bit on the lip. If like me, you have an intact penis, you will need to pull your foreskin through the constrictor ring or it will pile up in front of the ring and make it impossible for you to get your penis through to the base. And it hurts! Both the Mrs. and I are very happy that we found this high quality and effective device.
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Ring removal Submitted 8/12/2010
Best way to remove the rings is to apply additional lubricant and rotate slowly. Don't hurry. Also squeezing the penis to help the blood outflow is useful. My major problem is timing, i.e., how far into the foreplay to use the system.
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