Vibrating Pleasure Enhancer Penis Ring

Vibrating Pleasure Enhancer Penis Ring

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The name says it all!

The Pleasure Enhancer is a stretchy erection-enhancing penis sleeve that adds half an inch of girth to his erection. The stimulating ticklers will tease and please her clitoris. A waterproof bullet produces powerful vibrations generating powerful orgasms for both partners. Nubs inside the sleeve provide more stimulation for him.

• Clitoral stimulation to drive her wild
• Extra long shaft provides additional support
• Flexible to squeeze around almost any size
• Made from soft and durable rubber
• Multi-speed vibrator adds a tantalizing effect
• Small bullet vibrator fits into tight spaces
• Textured shaft thrills with every move
• Textured surface creates a stunning sensation
• Tight, textured interior creates a stunning sensation

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

California Exotic Novelties
Disguised, Travel Size
Waterproof, Flexible
3.5 inches
100% Phthalate-Free, TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
Power Source:
Replaceable Battery
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Clit tickling tentacles, love em! Submitted 2/19/2010
We have tried a number of vibrating cock rings, penis enhancers, and products that do both, and this one is by far one of our favorite ones! The material that this vibrating enhancer is made from is really soft and stretchy, which makes it easy to put on. Once it is on, its a nice snug fit, not too tight and not too loose. The girth enhancements with the bumps are a little big for us, so we had to use a little more lube than we would have liked to, but it has not detured us from the enjoyment of using this product over and over again. The bullet vibrator is a push button, one speed, strong bullet that works great for foreplay, and works even better to vibrate the clitoral stimulating tentacles on this enhancer. Which brings me to the fun little tentacles that stimulate the clitoris. Other vibrating cock rings and enhancers sometimes done make the clitoral stimulating part big enough, or long enough to really stimulate the clit in more than a few positions. This enhancer does a great job of countering that problem with its tentacles that are really soft and long enough to hit the clit in a wide variety of positions. My girlfriend absolutely loves the feel of them tickling her clit, sometimes with just the tips of them lightly hitting her clit and sometimes a little more aggressive. As i mention in all my reviews, this product is super easy to clean and is waterproof, so you can use it anywhere...two big pluses in my book always. Overall, this is an amazing product, and for the price we feel you wont beat it when it comes to complete dual satisfaction!
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Mr. and Mrs. Southern Comfort
The pleasure was all hers Submitted 3/15/2010
The Pleasure Enhancer is 3.5 inch cock sleeve (2.75 insertable) that adds a quarter to a half inch of girthiness to you manhood. It also has super-soft ticklers and vibrating bullet. Inside the sleeve there are 20 nubs that may or may not do anything for the wearer; they didn't do anything for me. The sleeve did provide some constriction which gives you the effect of wearing a cock ring. But I didn't get this for me, I got it for Mrs. SoCo, and she liked it…a lot. The bullet provides good vibrations and the ticklers did a good job of stimulating her clit. The extra girthiness was the true pleasure. I do not have a particularly thin member, but the added girth was new and a nice change for her. The Pleasure Enhancer gave me the ability to be inside Mrs. SoCo while letting her enjoy the girthiness of some of her thicker dildos. There is nothing we didn't like about the Pleasure Enhancer. We would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to add a little bit more to your lovemaking. (Be sure to use enough lube for you to put it on and for her to be comfortable with the extra thickness.)
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Mr. and Mrs. Frisky
Fun Toy for Couples! Submitted 12/14/2010
My husband and I bought this because it looked fun! It felt AMAZING when he was going slow, but when he started going faster and harder it began hurting. I think I just need to get used to it, but we will definitely use it again and again.
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Wife loves it. Submitted 11/20/2013
My wife said that she loves the added girth. It was neat seeing her take a bigger size. Didn't do much as far as the feel for me as I like to feel her warmth all the way in. But hey it's more about her than me. Still nice to have the first few inches sticking out the front to get the job done. All in all a great buy to spice things up a bit and to give your partner a fuller feeling.
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Small Submitted 9/14/2012
I am not a large guy but this thing is a challenge to get on. If you do get it on the ability to use it in the shower is fun.
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Verified Purchase
Pure Pleasure Submitted 3/15/2017
Awesome worked well.
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Verified Purchase
“O”!!! She loved it Submitted 2/27/2018
The first time we tried it I blindfolded my wife. It wasn’t so getting it in place, I read reviews and knew what to expect. A little lube just inside the enhancer and it slide right on and it hit the right spot for her extra sensation at the end of my stroke. Stop and get a little extra rubbing on her clitoris at the end of each storke and she was screaming in no time. The second time we used it I got too much lube on it and it wouldn’t stay in place. Don’t think the extra girth was all that for her but it adds to the visual All in all it got a screaming “O”vation
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Verified Purchase
I like the feel Submitted 11/6/2019
Could be a bit longer
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