Sometimes little changes can make a huge difference.

In our fun new 50 Sex Secrets for Lovers DVD we cover many, many such secrets to enhance your sex life. With instructional voiceovers combined with couples demonstrating the techniques, the sex secrets are broken down based on five main areas of lovemaking: romance, foreplay, positions, orgasm and after-passion play.

Based on the movie's sexy scenes, here are 10 sizzling sex secrets lovers can use today to power up the passion in the bedroom.

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1. Challenge Each Other Physically

Physical activity produces endorphins or feel-good chemicals in your body. These chemicals can make you feel happier and closer to your partner. Combining these positive emotions with playful activities such as wrestling, pillow fights and tickling can inspire you and your lover to quickly transition from physical activity to sizzling sex.

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2. Give Your Partner a Strip Tease

Turn on the sexy tunes and begin rocking your body to the beat. Your partner will love the show as you slowly remove each item of clothing while teasing him/her with sneak peeks of nakedness. Remove your underwear painfully slow and, once naked, twist and turn your body on top of your partner while restricting him/her from touching you.

3. Improve Your Blowjob Skills

Give your man oral pleasures he won’t forget with these simple tips for a great blowjob:
• keep your teeth covered with your lips
• use a vibrator on his penis and thighs during the blowjob
• switch off between flat and pointy tongue strokes
• use your hands on his body while you pleasure him
• don’t forget to tease his testicles

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4. Enjoy Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is a great way to not only turn on your partner, but also show him/her what you like. The act is a feast for the eyes and extremely pleasurable foreplay. Combine mutual masturbation with dirty talk to tell your lover how sexy he/she looks and what you want to do with your partner once the foreplay is over.

5. Try the Seated Scissor Position

The seated scissor position puts a woman in control of the depth and angle of penetration and gives both partners easy access to her clitoris and nipples for stimulation.

How to achieve this position: while the man is on his back with his knees bent, the woman should straddle him, putting one leg on the outside of his hip and the other leg between his. This position also gives the woman easy access to her man’s testicles for stroking during sex.

Sex Stool
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6. Stimulate Her A-Spot & G-Spot - at the Same Time.

Did you know you can stimulate a woman's g-spot and a-spot in one stroke? Using a sex wedge or pillows under her hips, elevate your woman's bottom so that her knees are close to her ears. This position shortens the vaginal canal and enables a man to go deeper. Men, while on your knees, use long strokes of your penis to stimulate both her g-spot and a-spot with each thrust and rub her clitoris while you work.

7. Use a Sex Toy Before & During Sex

Sometimes sex toys can act as an efficient third party during sex and help you both build anticipation for the real thing.

Use a vibrating sex toy to stimulate you both before and during sex. While performing oral sex on your lover, place a vibrator against your cheek to let the vibrations carry through your mouth and tongue. Or use a vibrator during sex on her clitoris or his testicles.

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8. Flex Your Kegel Muscles

Both men and women have kegel muscles that can enhance sex. For women, kegel muscles can be flexed during sex to make the vagina tighter and help women orgasm more easily. For men, kegel muscles can help you prolong erections and delay orgasms to milk as much pleasure out of sex as possible.

9. Delay Your Orgasm Just a Bit Longer

The longer you build it up, the bigger the explosion. Try delaying your orgasm next time you’re in bed. If you find things getting too hot during sex, bring things to a simmer by backing off from sex and just kissing or caressing.

Sometimes a mid-coital handjob or fingering can keep the passion going, but delay orgasm.

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10. Engage in Post-Coital Play

The passion shouldn't end as soon as the orgasm is over. Show your partner you appreciate, respect and love him/her by engaging in post-coital play such as kissing or caressing. If you enjoy morning sex, consider taking a shower together or cooking a meal together after sex.